Friday, May 2, 2014

Savannah Jane: 11 Months!

Happiest 11 (GASP!) months to my sweet, fun, entertaining, determined little Savannah Jane! I can not believe that in a few short weeks we will be celebrating her first birthday! Wowzers!

I just realized when looking back through my blog that I think the last "official" update (weekly) was her ONE WEEK birthday... I have been majorly slacking! Thankfully I do have a note on my phone saved with lots of weekly updates but definitely not all of them.  I guess its only natural while chasing a tiny two year old and an infant all day.

Well here we go... 11 months: April 26, 2014

I really do not know! Your stats from April 3, 2014 (your 9month check up but 10 months and one week old):
16lbs 2oz (10th%), 29 inches (78th%), and head circumference 46cm (89%)
"She's perfect and has a good heart"-Dr. M
Your eyes are still the most beautiful light blue I have ever seen- I often get lost looking into them! Its almost like I can see right through them! Your hair is getting longer- especially in the back - its hangs down a couple of inches off the back of your neck. Its a medium colored blonde and I'm still hoping there is a hint of strawberry in it :).
You have two teeth on the bottom and Dr. M said that your top gums were swollen but still no teeth up top. You are cruising around like a pro- you pull up on everything and walk around as long as you can have your hands on something.  You have started standing alone for about 3-5 seconds but then sit right down.  You crawl and you crawl really fast! Usually you are on your hands and feet though, I tend to think this is because you are so used to wearing dresses and you can't crawl on your knees when wearing them. :)

FINALLY this month you have started sleeping through the night (most nights). (See more in the "sleep section".)
You have started waving bye and last week you signed "more" without me first showing you how- then you repeated it as you were wanting more to eat.  You do this thing with your head where its almost like you are shaking it saying no, but then you roll it around at the same time.  You know this makes us laugh so you do this often.
You can blow bubbles, blow, whistle!, you mimic things we are doing- at BSF on tuesday the leaders were holding a paci in the air asking me if it was yours and you immediately put your hand in the air and started waving it around too.

You love to be down on the ground, cruising or crawling.  You love attention from people you know and those you don't.  You make friends everywhere we go, people are always telling us how pretty and sweet you are.  You LOVE bath time! Anytime we are in the bathroom you pull up at the tub and try and throw your leg over the side to get in! You love to chew on the toys and to splash.  You are a pro when it comes to washing your hair and when I pour water on it to wash it off.  You LOVE the water and don't mind when it gets in your eyes.  You have stared to love it when we come after you "I"m gonna get you!" and you will giggle and crawl away as fast as you can.  If we don't come after you, you will stop and come after us.  (You love doing this on the day bed in your room).  You also love the PotteryBarn chair we have. You love to climb up in in and then back down again.  You will also climb onto the arm of it and if its near the bed you will climb up onto the day bed.  You have a push toy that you LOVE to push around. You also love it when I help you push the pop-corn-popper around the house. You laugh and giggle.  You love your SISTER so VERY much! You two have started playing better together. You love when RG laughs and you will laugh in response. You watch her soooo closely and I can tell that you are mimicking her even more than you mimic us.  Oh- and you LOVE to eat- almost anything except for veggies! Which leads us to...

You are still nursing- you nurse when you wake up, before nap time, after nap (sometimes) and before bed.  Sometimes you nurse less and sometimes more.  You are so calm and still when you nurse, you hold your blanket and rub it against you nose (and have for as long as I can remember).
 You feed yourself finger foods and can drink out of the different sippy cups we have- you turn them up on your own.  You can also drink out of a straw.  Like I said before, you love to eat and will eat almost anything except for veggies.  You love the applesauce pouches (or other fruit pouches but you refuse to eat the veggie ones unless mixed with fruit).  We rarely feed you babyfood anymore- you usually eat whatever we are eating as long as its something that will dissolve or you can gum enough to swallow ;) .  Some of your favorite foods: applesauce (all flavors), animal cookies, bananas, YOGURT (the greek yogurts with fruit on the bottom), pretzels, cheerios, puffs, yogurt bites, graham crackers,  french fries, black beans, rice, and grape jelly on bread. When you were at the doctor he told us we could feed you three times a day now.  Sometimes we squeeze in three feedings but other times it is more like two and a snack (who am I joking- you snack all day ;) ).   Tuesday night (two days ago) we were leaving a Mexican restaurant and you are SO independent lately and hate being held, so we put you down.  We were watching you crawl around on the patio when K asked me what you were eating.  He picked you up and sure enough you were chewing on.... a beetle! eeew!! :-P

This past month my mom, Lala came to visit and you were still waking up every two hours or more often.  I was beyond tired and finally hit my breaking point with lack of sleep.  I asked my mom to help you and she would stay up with you and give you a bottle if need be... long story short that didn't help you sleep much longer during the nights... we ended up taking a road trip to Mississippi to go home with her and you stayed in her room with Pop and Lala.  You were still waking way too often for my liking and when we got home I finally decided that I was ready to try putting you and RG in the same room (previously you were still in the packnplay in our room.)  The first couple of nights or week/s weren't easy- you were still waking up, I was rushing in to try and get you before RG woke up and more times than not it was too late and you had already woken her up.  Finally, we had a talk with RG and explained that you might wake up but that she was to go back to sleep, unless I told her it was time to get up.  Within a couple of days she started sleeping through you crying and I started letting you cry it out.  After a couple nights you were going back to sleep on your own!! You still usually wake up around 5:30am or 6am and nurse but then you go back to sleep for 3 or 4 hours. (This past week you have been waking up two-three times a night, and as of last night I'm back to letting you cry it out.)
You usually take one or sometimes two naps during the day- in order for you and RG to nap at the same time (a must for my sanity hehe) I usually stretch you as long as I can- putting you down about 2-3hours after you get up in the morning. I set RG in our bed with a few books that she has picked out and then take you to your room and nurse you and lay you down.  I then go back and read RG a book, nurse her in my room, then take her and lay her down in her crib.  Usually by then you are asleep and RG will fall asleep quietly.  When one of you wakes up the other one usually does too.  Yall will nap from 2-3 hours-- sometimes you will wake up after an hour and I try to run and grab you before you wake RG up, that works 50% of the time.  :) You will fall asleep in the car in the evening a lot (if we go grab dinner or something).
You are so happy post naps and 90% of the time you are sooo happy in the mornings! I love that I can nurse you partly to sleep and lay you down awake and you just rub your blanket on your nose and cuddle your blanket and fall asleep on your side. :) 

3-6m, 6m and 9m clothes :) The only shoes that you will wear are the leather ones (you have two pairs, a light pink pair and hot pink pair with Eric Carle butterflies on the top of them).
You have been in size 2 diapers for forever but they still fit good.

Most Challenging:
The lack of sleep at night (but hopefully that's getting better), getting you to eat veggies, CHANGING YOUR DIAPER- its near impossible- you twist and turn and flip and grunt and cry... big tears from the second we start until we are finished.  You also are recently not liking getting into your car seat.  You do well in the high chair as long as there is food that you like ;) Naps sometimes are hard just since I'm putting you both down at the same time and you're both sleeping in the same room. I wish you would go ahead and walk bc you don't like being held when we are out and about- you want down on the ground. :)

Looking Forward to:
The beach and the pool! As much as you love the water I know that you are going to be in heaven! We were at the beach two weeks ago (with Mallorie, D and EC) and had a blast but it was sooo cold you didn't get in the water. 

Mommy Moments:
K and I have had several fun "dates" this past month- we went to some of our friends Trey and Leslies bachelor/bachelorette parties! The girls went to dinner and Howl at the Moon and the guys went to multiple breweries then back to one of the guys houses for a campfire and dinner! :)
K and I also had SIXTH ROW SEATS AT JIMMY BUFFETT!!! It was nothing short of the most amazing concert I've ever been to!! We re-lived our first kiss that happened at Jimmy Bufett 5 years ago, almost to the exact day! :)

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