Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Baby #3: 15 weeks!

Week 15: March 16-22

Wow! I guess the first trimester happened. This is my first update since week seven. I was nauseous 101% of the time and just exhausted. A lot has happened over the past few weeks! I think all of our family finally knows but we are still quiet on social media. :) 
At 12 weeks 4 days I had my first doctors appointment. I fibbed a little and told them I wasn't sure how far along I was even though I knew my due date already. They squeezed me in for an ultrasound and the baby measured exactly to my (precalculated) due date- September 13! They also took a peak between the legs and made a guess but I'll keep my lips sealed. 
We scheduled an appointment for the 23rd (15w1d) where they took blood and went over the initial nurses overview. 

Baby is approzimately 4"inches and 2.5 oz- about the size of an apple!
Next appointment: April 14- 18w 2d -- this is who they will also do an anatomy scan (if we don't go get a 3d scan before then ha! I'm not sure I can wait that long ha!)
Gender:  feeling girl. Hoping boy? HR150 at 15w1d
Total weight gain/loss:  I haven't gained anything from 12w until now according to doc. 
Maternity clothes: not yet- still just feeling extra bloated and fat ha
Belly button: innie
Sleep: It has been pretty good the past week- I sometimes sleep through the night and sometimes wake once. No real complaints, though I'm still always tired. 
Food cravings:  sushi and pizza - and popsicles. And Coke ICEES!!! Limes and salt- weird I know- maybe margarita withdraws? Haha
Symptoms: Oh my word. The last 9 weeks I have been soooo nauseous. Bleh. I forgot what an awful feeling it was to just be nauseous ALL the time. I will say about a week or two ago (14 weeks) I started to feel a little relief. I am still getting nauseous on and off but not feeling nauseous all day every day. Thank God. I am however, still extremely exhausted. I never want to get up in the morning, usually take a nap while the girls nap (for about 30m- an hour) and I'm still totally SPENT by 7 or 8pm. I've been dealing with constipation and just overall tummy issues (gas pains, etc- so FUN!) 
At night, especially, the top of my tummy is feeling hard! 
HEADACHES!! How could I forget about those?! Almost daily now. :( some days are worse than others. Usually a coke will help them go away but a couple of days that hasn't even helped. :-/ doctor said if coke is helping then keep drinking. 
Fatigue- yup- see above. 
Movement:  not yet but I'm hoping soon! 
Labor signs: -
What I miss: energy. and wine. 
What I'm loving: I'm starting to feel a tad better, we have seen the sweet baby Moving around on the us (and was way bigger than I imagined & looking like a baby!) That we have told all our family - actually rg has told most everyone hehe. We can now find out gender!! I'm so excited about sharing on social media in a few weeks! 
Oh and last week? Maybe two? K got us Meet-N-Greet tickets to see Pat Green here in Charlotte!! I guess that was the baby's first technical concert hehe. We had a great time while the girls spent the night in the mountains with my aunt! 
What I'm looking forward to: GENDER GENDER GENDER!! I can't hardly wait!! We also have some vacation plans coming up in a few weeks and I'm excited about that. The month of March has been a super hard month for Karl's work thus being really hard on me. Loooooots of late nights and working Saturday even. Thankful to have that behind us. 
Best moment this week: Oops. Think I covered this above haha
Big Sisters: they have been too cute! SJ especially loves to cuddle, kiss and talk to the baby. Rg does too but much of the time SJ will initiate it. SJ will just look at and rub my belly and smile. Rg will tickle me and say "does that tickle the baby?" RG is also very adamant on sharing and taking care of baby. When she first found out I was pregnant she said "but where will the baby sleep?!" Hehe. She then immediately started listing ALL of the toys and things that she would share with the baby. Recently she's started talking about how she will help take care of the baby. Natural big sisters we have on our hands. Can't wait to see them take on their new role. (New to SJ). 
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