Thursday, April 22, 2010

OMG Shoes! "Show Me Your Wedding Shoes"

Okay so I have been debating over what type of wedding shoes to wear for our summer wedding coming up this July (yes I do realize I should probably already have my shoes... but I don't- which is why I'm begging for your help)
Do I want them to be formal or casual? Traditional colored or fun colored ("fun colored" meaning tiffany blue or hot pink- I love pink anything and everything...)?  Strappy or just a pump? Decisions, decisions, decisions!! Luckily I have been getting the help of my momma (love you mom) and some of my good friends... (love you lori and erin) on what styles they like but I keep thinking they are all beautiful.  So how do I choose just one??
{after I added all the pics I thought I should share with all of you a teeny-tiny bit about our wedding.  The ceremony is going to be at a very big Presbyterian church (indoors- loooong isle and stained glass windows... you get the idea right?).  We are aiming for a fairly formal ceremony with a more laid back, wild fun, party reception. Oh and our bridesmaid dresses are tiffany blue with a black sash, and the men are wearing black tux's with tiffany blue vests.  I am also planning to use pink flowers and other touches of pink.  So that gives you some sort of idea what we are aiming for... K and I are both very laid back and really our main goal is that everyone has a BLAST (duh- what bride and groom doesn't want that for their guests) ha.

Since I know that most of you are Brides-To-Be or are a Recent-Bride I figured I would ask you to:

 "Show Me Your Wedding Shoes"

I thought I would leave you all with a few pictures to drool over and also ask you which of these shoes you like best.  So here goes, I am going to attempt to hook up my FIRST "Mc-Linky"... I have never done this before so yall give me some guidance and patience :) and of course PLEASE link up :)  

2) Caparros Dolce Satin in Blue (same shoe, different hue ... heheheh I crack myself up!)

6) David's Bridal- Dyeable- Yvette (in Ivory or Tiffany Blue) (LOVE the bling... the more bling the better ;) )


So there yah have it.... my favorite 7 shoes for our big day... now don't forget to vote on your favorite shoe and 

 < 3 love ya'll!

(all images from DSW online except for the Davids Bridal Shoe-which is from the Davids Bridal website)

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Top 2 Tuesdays! 15 Dollar Fav's!

And its that time again! My Top Two Tuesday hosted by Taylor :)

My top 2 Items under 15 dollars...

Here goes :)

1)FIBER ONE BARS! Oats and Chocolate... mmm mmm good! You have GOT to try these!! They almost taste like cookies and not to mention they have 35% of your daily fiber needed... perfect for a quick breakfast or just a snack during the day :)

I know I am not the only one who happily awaits Sonic Happy Hour (from 2-4pm) for half priced drinks and slushies.  I enjoy a hint of lime in anything.... Beer, Sodas, Chips, ... I could go on and on :) Dr. Pepper is my all time fav though!  

So go link up with Taylor at The Undomestic Momma and see what other great finds fun bloggers like yourself have found for under 15 bucks :)

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Top 2 Tuesday,,, Beauty Secrets

So, I know that today is not Tuesday (thank heavens) but would you mind if I joined in on this one day late? I am jumping on the bandwagon of Taylor @ The Undomestic Momma.  She hosts this "Top 2 Tuesday" and this week it is all Beauty Secrets! I have to admit I love all of your "Top 2's" but this one has been my ALL TIME fav! Who doesn't love lots of GOOD, TRUE advice about beauty products... no need to try and skim through the scams on this one, and about all its free advice! Thanks Taylor for hosting this fun Top 2 Tuesday!

I don't have any true secrets but I do have some great products that I have grown to love!

1) Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Sunblock (in 70 or 80).  This lotion is very smooth and anything BUT oily... I use it every morning as my moisturizer (as directed by my dermatologist).  It is very light weight and keeps that sun off my face! It even smells good, and not like sunscreen :) About $10 (mine has lasted me a year and I am still using it- a little goes a long way)

2) Also recommended by my dermo.... Jergens Natural Glow
This is a foaming daily moisturizer that "gradually creates natural-looing color"  I use it on my face to get a little color and to avoid overloading on the bronzer.  It also comes in different shades for lighter to darker skin.  I also rub it on my arms and legs on occassion :) Try it out- about $7 at target!
Hop on over to Taylor's blog @ The Undomestic Momma and Link Up to see other great fav's from other wonderful bloggers :)

Meet me in St. Louis

St. Louis was wonderful!!  There were SEVEN of us that crammed into my parents surburban and headed on an ELEVEN hour adventure there, and and ELEVEN hour adventure back!!
We stayed in the middle of downtown and literally were on the same block as the baseball field! We saw the arch and toured the City Museum (which was basically a playground/ jungle gym made out of all things recycled for kids of ALL ages-- including my DAD!) ha!
Here are some beautiful pics of the fun weekend! Congrats Shay and Brian!

 get ready for picture overload...

{first 4 photos by Kelly Pratt Photography}

the beautiful church!

the perfect shot!

the beautiful view from the reception room

one of my fav's! an apperance from the Village People, and my grandma and dad dancing :) Good times, Good times!

and for some of our own photos... ENJOY :) 

how hubs and I spent the trip...

view from our hotel room (St. Louis Hilton at the Ballpark)

from the park in downtown

hubs and I at the bridge

playing... (me, my dad and sis)  at the City Museum...

ball park (view from our hotel)

on a walk... 

hubs and i in front of a beautiful tree

and there yah have it.... St. Louis :)

Friday, April 2, 2010

New Family Member Coming Soon!

Well this should be a fun filled weekend!
My sweet cousin is going to marry the love of her life on this beautiful Easter weekend!
Aren't they so cute together!!

Love you Miss K ... but not for long- Soon to be a MRS. M! :)
So so happy for you two! And Brian we can not wait for you to join our family!

Happy Easter Weekend Everyone!
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