Sunday, May 30, 2010

The Beach Boys - Wouldn't it be nice

Erin over at Little Texas Love Nest is hosting Sing-Along-Sunday again today and thought I would join in :)

Thanks to me being addicted to TLC I now have had this stuck in my head ALL day... they have changed it a bit and are using it for their summer series theme song... I always think 50 First Dates is coming on... :)

kinda makes me wanna be laying out on the beach somewhere.... WOULDN'T IT BE NICE! ha!

{The Beach Boys- Wouldn't it be nice}

Enjoy the 3 day weekend for those of you that have one.... (we don't here boo!)

Engagement Pics

Well for those of you who dont already, you can see K's blog where he just posted about our shoot and included some more pics! Go look :)

And Happy Memorial Day- I just love all the flags everywhere! Thanks to ALL the vets and active duty for all you have done and continue to do for our freedom!! :)

Thursday, May 20, 2010

NC Trip & Picture preview

Well the time has come and gone and let me just tell you that K and I had a wonderful time in our home state!! :)
It was the busiest trip ever with trying to get lots of pre-wedding stuff taken care of as we will not be back there till the week before the wedding.  We successfully picked out our flowers and took our engagement pics as well as my bridal pics.  We enjoyed multiple dinners at our favorite Mexican restaurant (they will also be catering at our wedding reception- wahoo!) We enjoyed seeing old friends and of course enjoyed the company of our family!!
Here is one preview of our engagement pics- short story first: Yes, K and I both actually play these instruments- neither of us are much good, but we are teaching ourselves.  K got his banjo for Christmas and I have been playing the Violin since I was six but gave it up several years ago- within the past few years I have tried to pick it back up. :) Enjoy- more to come later!

Friday, May 7, 2010

EXCITING things!

That right baby! Exciting things that are going on in the life of allie-mac-fallie!!

         (in no particular order)....

1) The Countdown is on till hubs and I trip back to North Carolina, HOME SWEET HOME!!!

2) (speaking of NC...) While we are there I will be taking my Bridal pics AND our "Engagement" pictures!!! (any suggestions here? I still need hair ideas and outfit suggestions ;) )

3) I FINALLY picked out a pair of shoes (I am sure you are relieved! ha You are probably sick of me asking you which ones I should wear)
.... oh so you wanna know which ones??? .....
The *SPARKLY* ones (if you know me you probably arent surprised... anything that *sparkles* sucks me in!!)

4) Its the weekend!! (and hubs and I are both working...great!)

5) 3 days ago we got FOUR of our FIRST RSVP's for the wedding (YAAAY!!), yesterday we got ELEVEN!! and today... we got more (sorry I didn't count)-- checking the mailbox the past few days has been the best part of the day!

6) Cinco De Mayo-- went to dinner at a new mexican restaurant in town and had a wonderful time and even better company-praise God for friends! (makes up for the fact I was sick the entire day... feeling better now)

7)Hubs cleaned and WAXED my car, and did the tires... on his day off- now that is sacrifice! And oh baby did my 10 year old car ever look sexier! :)

8) My sweet friend Amy is due with her first baby in 2 weeks, I am trying to live vicariously through am's ;) !!! (and I get to see her right after our wedding!!)

9) We booked our photographer for the Trash-the-Dress shoot we are doing in Florida.... OMGoodness, I am SOOOO excited and this lady does A-MA-ZING(!!!!) work, check out Patsy Brown's site!! (here is a sample of her work, I'm in love!)

10) having the afternoon off, catching up on blogging annnnd.... taking a nap ;) buh-bye for now :) 

Thursday, May 6, 2010

quick lil update!

hello blog! oh how I have missed you!!
where oh where has the time gone?

Quick update for the day, FINALLY received the shoes that I purchased and still cant decide between my top 3... what in the WORLD is wrong with me!?

So in an effort to get some more feedback after actually seeing there shoes, here are some images for you.
Note:  I have not purchased these lovely shoes from Davids Bridal:

 yet because they will need to be dyed (the same blue as the shoes below on my feet) and they are NOT returnable... hmm what to do... ha!

Here are the ones I did purchase however... what do you think?

please ignore my ugly toes and the fact the white cardboard thingy is still there.. ha!

(these cute lil shoes are not quite as high of a heel as the blue ones)

Side note: It is NOT easy to take pictures of your own feet.  (thank you mirror for your help today!)

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