Tuesday, November 30, 2010


a hodgepodge of random thoughts...

...that i have been wanting to get off my chest- don't judge me.  :)

Tonight we went to PotBellys for dinner and had a great time enjoying the music of our great friend, Taylor.  He plays guitar there every week and we really enjoy getting to hear him play.

We also had a great Thanksgiving at our house this year! My family drove in and we at lots of yummy food and my cousin did some amazing work on my flower bed, planted 2 trees for us and created a new bed! He is wonderful and we really enjoyed his company!! I have lots of pics that I will try and post at some point (fingers crossed)!

Last night K and I went to dinner at Panda Express (we go there a lot) and about 1:30 this morning I woke up sick and nauseous! I went to school this morning but ended up taking a 1/2 day and I'm still not feeling up to par.  I'm hoping this will pass tomorrow as lots of things are going on and I want to feel better.

K and I have been wanting to move back home and a post from one of my friends going home has brought it more to the forefront of my mind.

Babies.... and stay at home moms!

This Thursday I have my formal evaluation at school. Nervous but trying not to be nervous.

Marriage, thankful and grateful for my husband.

I'm worn out- sooo ready for Christmas break!

The End... thanks for listening and loving me still :)

Top 2 Tuesday... Cleaning/ Organizing Tips

Actually, I am pretty horrible at keeping a clean house despite my desire to.  We aren't dirty here but just a little messy, consistently.  So here goes:

1) In my attempt to get on task, and not have to clean everything in one day i visit this trusty website called Fly Lady.  It really is AMAZING!! It sends you a daily email with what you should be doing on that day and it also gives you goals for the month, cleaning tips, etc.  It is FREE and SOO worth your time! It will also switch areas every week to keep your whole house organzied and clean :)

2) I love the clorox wipes but I am with many of you wanting to use something non-toxic.  I have been using the "Greenworks" products which are all natural and I love them! They are gently priced (2-5 dollars) and work great! I think I started using them when I had a coupon... thats how they getcha! :)
Head on over to Taylor's blog and link up with your favorite tips!

Monday, November 22, 2010

Top 2 Tuesday... Wish List

Since I first bought my bed I have been dreaming of having blue walls and a nice white duvet.  Well I now have the blue walls and to finish it off I now need a white duvet cover for the down comforter that we have been using (without a cover- for shame, for shame!)

1)I have been wanting something simple yet elegant and for awhile now I have been eying some things at the one and only Pottery Barn.  Lots of their things are beautiful but some are a little too prissy for the hub's liking... that is why this one is the PERFECT one!! It is simple yet classy, and even MORE classy when with their white on whimonograming it will showcase a beautiful APK! :) Then throw that light blue blanket on it and the matching monogrammed shams and wha-lah! (all can be purchased at www.PotteryBarn.com for those of you reading interested... gift cards work too ;) )

 this next image is just for you to see the blue walls and the monogram... the comforter I want does NOT have these lines on them, however I do still like them (maybe pick them 2nd if I couldn't have the plain one I wanted.)

2) This was a hard choice... there are many things that I could go on and on with for our room (lamps, sheets, etc) but I am going to move on.  
Something that I have wanted for a very long time but honestly have not had the time or money to invest is a nice camera.  Before K and I start growing our family I would love to master this baby or one similar... however, right now its not very realistic...The Cannon Rebel! I hear its a good one for starters??

for something MORE realistic...

3)I would absolutely LOVE a pampering... day at the spa complete with facial, manicure, pedicure, and most importantly a MASSAGE!!! Thanks to my 20, seven year old's, I think my body could really use this! :)

(I would really LOVE a couples massage but K doesn't like people touching him so he has already told me no. :( BUT K, if you would realllly love to surprise me ... this would be GREAT!! ;) heheh)

Reward for my hard work?

I can not even begin to tell you how great it feels knowing that I have been off for 3 days already and I am off this WHOLE week!! AMAZING!!

The past couple of days I have spent almost every waking moment cleaning our house like a mad woman.  I hate cleaning but for some odd reason that is all that I have wanted to do the past 2 days.  I have been very productive but I still feel like I have a ways to go.  Today, on the other hand, I have started some laundry but that's about it! ha! I plan on getting myself motivated here shortly. 

Lately I am lovin all of your "Wish List" postings... I always have a hard time getting a list together for relatives so your ideas spur me on-- Thanks for that!! Speaking of gifts...
how about THESE babies!? Anyone else want a pair because they are buy one get one 1/2 off... I'll even split the cost with you :) But really... I'm lovin them! AND they are on sale for $50!  {swoon!}

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Free Christmas Cards!

I am sure many of you may have seen this on other blogs but I thought I would share again and remind you that its not to late to get your 50 free Christmas Cards from Shutterfly!
All you have to do is write a blog entry about Shutterfly :) Easy Enough!!

They have some super cute cards this year and hopefully K and I will be able to get them out before Christmas actually arrives!  We got our first card in the mail last week... I think people are rushing it a little more than necessary this year... We have neighbors (not directly) who have had their Christmas decor up since before Halloween.... this is a little much for me-- As I stated on my facebook they are being worse than the retail chains they complain about.

Okay my rant is done ha!

Go check out all the cute cards that Shutterfly is offering for FREE!!
Some cuties such as these.... love them!

Friday, November 19, 2010

So thrilled!

only one more day of school till i'm off for a week!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


*sorry for the short post but really that is all that is on my mind... such a great feeling!! and I am SO ready for the break!! WAHOO*

Monday, November 15, 2010

Top 2 Tuesday... Favorite Jobs!

Obviously I have the BEST job ever now, and what I have wanted to do my whole life- teaching kiddos, so I will list my top 2 before this career!

1) Walt Disney World!!! When I was a senior in college I participated in the WDW College Program.  It was the TIME OF MY LIFFFFE!!! If you know anyone who is in college you should have them look into this.  Not to mention that EVERY interview I have had after working at WDW that is the one thing they ALWAYS want to talk to me about - my experiences at Walt's home. Lets be honest... everyone you will ever meet has either a)just been there  b) is planning a trip to go there  c)knows someone who just got back from there or d)knows someone who is planning a trip there.  So yeah!
Great job- met some of the greatest people from ALL around the world (they house you in apartments with all the other college kids in the program)- I lived with girls from South Carolina, New Jersey, New York, South Carolina, Massachusetts, and Brazil!  I also attended classes while there.  The weather was so nice we often took mini vacations to places such as Coco Beach, Miami, and Clearwater, FL.
(oh and not to mention I got to go to ALL of the parks as MANY times as I wanted... for FREE!! Thats right!! I have been to the parks OVER 100 times!! :) Not a bad added bonus!)

 The Emporium where I worked :)

K and My honeymoon at Magic Kingdom!

2)Baylor University
I had the opportunity to call perspective students and talk to them about their college decision process.  I was not there to sell Baylor, only to answer questions they had about college and Baylor, and to share my experiences while at BU.  Since I am a huge Baylor fan, I had lots of positive things to say and quite honestly it was just a LOT of fun to chat with high school students about what they were about to get themselves into... college :)

Such a BEAUTIFUL place in way more ways than one!!

Monday, November 8, 2010

Haircuts stress me out!

I'm not sure why but every time I get my hair cut it stresses me out and I am almost NEVER happy with the outcome immediately after the fact.  I could spend 100 dollars or 20 and I am still NOT satisfied.
So instead of spending my usual 70-100 dollars to be unhappy my husband has convinced me to go the 20 dollar route for haircuts that are minor (trims, etc). So this weekend I was getting desperate- it has been nearly 4 months, my ends were so split that they tangled 5 seconds after brushing so despite my efforts to grow my hair out (that grows sooooo slow) I caved and headed to Great Clips.  A haircut is 15 dollars I think and a shampoo is about 5... or less.  I asked the lady to cut one inch. she said okay and then asked if she could cut 3. (um hello, did I say 3!? So I told her no and said she could take one and a half... she still cut 3 inches off.) I also just asked her to leave my layers alone to which she asked if she could cut them shorter and I reply no- she does it anyways.
Needless to say I left there happy that I had finally cut my hair and only managed to spend 21 dollars (I tipped more than a dollar so I might have inflated their prices a little...).  My hair was still 1/2 wet so I went home and dried it.  I wasn't happy but again I wasn't distressed over spending 100 dollars this time.
then today I actually did my own hair and I must admit that it looks great! It looks so much healthier and feels so much softer and healthier--  I love it!!
Why do I always stress out when getting a haircut when a couple of days later I always seem to grow into liking it...
Does anyone else out there stress out over haircuts? I hope I'm not alone on this! ha! {Maybe I have issues...lol}

sorry the pic quality isn't that great but you get the idea :)

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Not only is my husband a TOTAL SWEETHEART, apparently he is FAMOUS too!

First of all, I just wanted to update you all and let you know my reactions to our "new" bedroom... well it went a little something like this:

K, "hey babe... I have a surprise for you!"
Me, "really!? WHAT!?"
K, "well go to the bedroom"
Me, "okaaaay... I'm nervous!"  haha
Me, "oh my WORD! its BLUE! I'm really nervous now! Its really blue, its really blue..." {in an excited, yet nervous tone}

And thats about it. ha

I was so happy that he had done such a sweet gesture for me and I know that he spent a TON of time on it. I hate painting because I honestly just don't have the patience for it.  K on the other hand loves doing things for me and loves doing projects like this one.  I was totally shocked and a little overwhelmed with the color because I wasn't expecting it.  Now, several days later, I am really starting to like the color and get used to it.  Now, I am dying to purchase some new furniture to match our bed and do a better job decorating.  I am a little embarrassed of the shape our room was in when K posted pics but I will just have to get over that ha.  I think some new lamps with bright white shades, a new dresser that matches our bed, and a few more touches and I think I will be in love with it :) So ... MAAAANNNNY thanks to my wonderful hubby for doing so much hard work while I was gone and always going out of his way to make me feel so very loved by him!! K, you are the best hubby a woman could ever ask for and I am so blessed to call you MINE! :) 

Now, on top of him being a sweetheart, apparently my hubby is also famous!
Yesterday, K had the day off so he decided that he would come have lunch with me at school.  I teach 2nd grade and they have been asking when they were going to meet him (because I am always talking about him and using his name in sentences on the board and such) so when I announced that he would be coming for the lunch the kids were VERY excited! They began asking if he was going to eat with them in my room, and if they could eat in the room too, or if he would be in the lunch room and would he sit at their table, etc. etc... I had to tell them over and over that no, he would be eating lunch with ME! (I even had one little girl ask me if she could come to the teachers lounge with us to eat ha!)  So when lunch was over K came with me to pick my kids up from the cafeteria and they were all jumpy and giddy and asking him a millllion questions! It was quite cute if I must say so myself! At some point one of my girls asked him for his autograph and all the other children jumped on the bandwagon to want one as well.  I told them that they had to be on their best behavior and we would see about it.  We came back to my room and I let them all introduce themselves- telling K their name and favorite hobby... the kids were excited, and some embarrased and some showing off... hobbies were everything from dancing, to talking in the hallways, to boyscouts to video games, to eating candy.  K then introduced himself and as he was saying his "favorite hobbies" the kids would all scream "OH ME TOO!!!" haha it was so adorable!! Well then it was time for me to take them to their "specials" (art, music, p.e.) and K decided to write his autograph on 20 different sheets of paper for the kids.  They came back to the room, disappointed to see that K was gone. :(  Before dismissal I told them that I had to give them something... they asked what and I told them that K had writen an autograph for each one of them... they SCREAMED with excitement.  I couldn't help but laugh out loud and I said to them, "you guys act like he if FAMOUS or something!!!" to which they all replied at the same time, "HE IS!!!!!!!!!" 

MADE. MY. DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hahahahah

(not to mention after school I kept getting other teachers coming up to me saying, "I heard about your famous husband!" or "I heard about the autographs!" haha EVERYONE was laughing and it goes without saying that K was definitely the talk of the school yesterday :)
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