Tuesday, November 30, 2010


a hodgepodge of random thoughts...

...that i have been wanting to get off my chest- don't judge me.  :)

Tonight we went to PotBellys for dinner and had a great time enjoying the music of our great friend, Taylor.  He plays guitar there every week and we really enjoy getting to hear him play.

We also had a great Thanksgiving at our house this year! My family drove in and we at lots of yummy food and my cousin did some amazing work on my flower bed, planted 2 trees for us and created a new bed! He is wonderful and we really enjoyed his company!! I have lots of pics that I will try and post at some point (fingers crossed)!

Last night K and I went to dinner at Panda Express (we go there a lot) and about 1:30 this morning I woke up sick and nauseous! I went to school this morning but ended up taking a 1/2 day and I'm still not feeling up to par.  I'm hoping this will pass tomorrow as lots of things are going on and I want to feel better.

K and I have been wanting to move back home and a post from one of my friends going home has brought it more to the forefront of my mind.

Babies.... and stay at home moms!

This Thursday I have my formal evaluation at school. Nervous but trying not to be nervous.

Marriage, thankful and grateful for my husband.

I'm worn out- sooo ready for Christmas break!

The End... thanks for listening and loving me still :)

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