Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas to ALL!

Merry Christmas to all and to all a goodnight!! We had such a wonderful day and are so blessed by all of our family. What a joy it was to spend the birthday of Jesus with them!! Raleigh Grace had a wonderful time playing and opening gifts- she was a lot of fun and 
stole the show (again!) :) ♥ I hope to update more when things have slowed down a tad.  Merry Christmas, friends!! 

Monday, December 24, 2012

Blog swap show and tell!

Y'all!! I'm a horrible blogger! I hosted a blog swap and totally forgot to show and tell all of my goodies!!
Check out all the awesome things Amanda sent Raleigh Grace and I.

Oh and Merry Christmas Eve!!!

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Raleigh Grace's FIRST BIRTHDAY!!!

Yes, yes... I know I'm two months and a day late on this post so please forgive me! My aunt took a ton of pics from her bday party but I have yet to see those, so I am posting the few iphone pics my sweet cousin Mari took and a few I took on my camera. (and by few I mean there are a lot! ha!)

On Saturday, October 20th we went over to GGdaddy's house for an afternoon party! The party started at 2pm and the weather couldn't have been better.  It was warm with a cool breeze which meant most of the time we enjoyed hanging out outside.  We had lots of family and a few friends there and boy did we have a great time.  We (Uncle "Fat" and Great Uncle Will) grilled hot dogs and we served them with chips and a veggie tray and other little snacks (nuts/chips & dip) etc.  We had a smash cake for you that my friend Daphne made for you (she owns a bakery) and Gma Paula made some precious cupcakes that everyone LOVED!!! There was also a bounce house outside that Daddy insisted you have and it was quite a hit once you got the hang of it!  I have to mention that you LOVED opening your birthday presents... well, all but ONE.  Your Uncle Mike and Uncle Fat got you a BIRD!!!! You seemed to not mind it until it fluttered all over the cage near your face.  It scared you and you did not like it!  Mommy was mean (read: realistic and responsible) and insisted they return the bird haha! Come to find out they spent about $70 dollars on the bird, cage, food, etc... guess we should have kept it then I could have returned it and gave you the money ;) !!

In attendance: Mommy, Daddy, GGdaddy, Aunt Donna N, Aunt Donna and Uncle Greg, Aunt Denise, Grandma Lala,  Granny Fox, Uncle Charlie, Aunt Kim, Uncle Jimmy, Mari, Paul (and Pauls friend Wesley), Uncle Will, Gma Paula, Gpa Jim, Aunt Emma, Uncle Fat, Uncle Emory, Cousins: Carys, Charlotte, Courtland, Uncle Mike (and his friend), Morgan, David, Matt, and Emily.  (I'll have to double check with Daddy to make sure that I didn't miss anyone!)

The party was "Owl" themed and boy did we all have a HOOT! :) 
your beautiful smash cake!

the cupcakes grandma paula made

The strawberry lemonade and mason jars!

some of mommy and daddy's best friends! 
more friends and family
you were great at opening your gifts-- you loved it! 

 the right picture you are putting on your lipstick ;)

as always, you love love love your clothes! 

riding the rocking horse Daddy MADE you from scratch!

you loved opening your cards and reading them also

you got a slide from Granny Fox :) 
and loved it as well! 

your bird from your Uncle Fat and Uncle Mike

uncle will shared his cupcake with you! you love him.

fish face :) 

you got a little messy :)

you were more than willing to share 

watching you take your last few bites 

little messy fingers 

you loved that blanket- its very soft and you enjoyed cuddling it.

A close up of your invites, they were all handmade by Daddy and I and each one was different.  The wings opened up and had all the details on the inside 

a few of my favorites :) 

the bird

an old door that Daddy put together of pictures from when you were born
opening some of your birthday cards
On your actual birthday we went to Nakotos with Grandma  Paula and Grandpa Jim and aunt Cecelia.  Grandma brought you the cupcake and you ate the ENTIRE thing (minus a tiny bit of icing we hid from you) -- it was an extra large cupcake and you loved it!! 

Happy First Birthday Princess!! We all love you so very much and can't wait to continue to watch you learn and grow! We are so blessed by you everyday!! 
Love, Mommy and Daddy 
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