Monday, December 17, 2012

Baby #2: 18 Weeks & 1st BUMP photo!

Totally off topic but this is my 500th post!! WAHOO! :) What a journey this blog has been, and I'm lovin it and all of the friends I have made!... moving on:

How can I already be 18 weeks (actually I was 18 weeks on Friday-Dec 14)?! I mean I'm almost half way to my due date already!! I can not believe how fast this pregnancy is going!!

Dec 8-14
Here is what we have been up to this week:

Weight Gain:  down about 10ish lbs total but I think that will all be changing soon- I am finally getting my appetite back!

Maternity Clothes : not because I need them... I have thrown on a few shirts and pants here and there just because I already had them but they look and feel huge on me.  I'm more comfortable in my normal clothes (that are now too big since I've lost so much weight-- I know that will change soon though)

Sleep: It has been taking me a long time to fall asleep (meaning I stay up way too late) but once I'm asleep I sleep great-- from midnight until 8ish

Best Moment of this week: Two date nights in 7 days?! We went to our friend David and Morgans wedding last weekend and this past Saturday we went to K's company Christmas party.  Both nights we had a sitter and it was nice to have some adult time :)

Movement: I think I have felt a little kick or punch but honestly I'm never sitting still long enough to really pay attention. Last night laying in bed I thought I felt a little twitch.

Food cravings:  I feel like I am back to normal eating for the most part (thank heavens!!) My nausea is down to a minimium (usually only happens when I get overly hungry)-I bought some sour patch kids at the grocery because they looked good ;)  I have also really enjoyed breakfast foods (read: Ihop) ...  K has treated me twice and both times I nearly ate two eggs, two pieces of bacon, strawberry french toast, and a huge bowl of grits.  mmm making me hungry now!

Food Aversions: Avocados (omg ew! seeing or talking about them makes my stomach turn! and I liked these pre pregnancy a lot!). Hot dogs (the smell even grosses me out!) Crab cakes and seafood things seem to be turning me off also.  I feel like I have turned into a picky eater!! I can never decide what I want to eat- therefore cooking is happening even LESS than before (which was rare anyways!)

What I miss: nothing :)
Symptoms: the headaches have been much better this week--only one or two here and there.  I'm still tired a lot but not to pure exhaustion like previously.  I have noticed more abdominal stretching/cramping when I'm heading to bed and in the morning  if I roll over or stretch funny. My belly seems somewhat normal in the AM but by night time its hard as a rock and I already feel huge ha!
Oh and this is totally awkward but burping... thankfully no heart burn (yet- I had it terrible with RG)- I seriously could compete with the teenage boys! (anything and everything -even water- makes me burp!) Stuffy nose-- last week it wouldn't quit running now I feel like I struggle to breathe... always something isn't it?

Gender: We can't wait to share!!! :) SOON!

What I'm looking forward to: Christmas in a WEEK;  feeling  more movement; the gender reveal :)

 Baby bump: 
I did take a photo at 17 weeks so I will post that one and the one from this week. I had originally wanted to take some really "cute" bump pics weekly but is all I can do to snap a selfie in the bathroom mirror these days ha! don't judge! ha
17 Weeks
(please ignore the messy mirror and my lil munchkin cruising around ha!)

18 weeks


  1. You look be-u-tiful!!! Glad you are back to feeling more like your normal self. I can't wait to hear what you are having! I've been burping a lot too. :)

  2. You look gorgeous! I was just thinking last week - where is that little peanut, because you still looked like your usual self!?!? Glad you are starting to feel better!

  3. LOOOOOOOOOVE THIS! And Ihop was one of my cravings with EC. I remember stopping at the Ihop in College station on the way back from a houston road trip at almost midnight just so I could eat eggs, pancakes, and sausage. A HUGE plate of it! HA!

  4. Lost 10 lbs?!?! I'm a little jealous. I need to start "in the hole." I had horrible nausea and poor appetite as well the first trimester but never lost any weight! You look great! Can't wait to hear boy/girl!

  5. You could not look more beautiful!!


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