Thursday, February 20, 2014

A week later at the park

Crazy that just a week ago we were buried in a winter wonderland and today it hit 75°. 
We took advantage of the beautiful (warm!) spring like weather and headed to the park. Enjoy a few pictures. :)

Oh and before the park we watched some biiiig tractors dig holes. She didn't want to leave!!

And Savannah Jane was happy with her spoon hehe 

These are a few pictures from this morning. 
The past few weeks Raleigh Grace has gotten really into reading books to us. I love hearing her tell the story in her words. She has a much better memory than me, that's for sure. :)
She was rolling the ball!!! AND she cut her second tooth today! Wowee girlie!! Bottom right one. :)


Thursday, February 13, 2014

SNOW, SNOW, SNOW, FUN!!! {Part 1}

Part 1: (Because there are way too many pics to include in just one post!)
We have 8+ inches of snow!!
Raleigh Grace was SO happy!
(She cleaned off the top of my car and Daddy's side steps; kicked snow at Daddy in self-defense; and we walked around and a few neighbors came out to greet us.)
Savannah Jane was not impressed but not miserable. Indifferent might be the best word ;) (While this was not her "1st snow" it was the FIRST snow that she got out in and played in!! :-D
The snow was so powder-y that we couldn't make a snowball! (I asked RG if she wanted to make a snow man and she said, "YES! AND A CASTLE!" haha she loves the "toe!"
The snow started yesterday around 8am, continued all day. Stopped for the night and then started up again early this morning and snowed until 3pm when it turned into some sleet and snow mix.  Its been on and off all evening. 
Calling for 4+ more inches tomorrow!!

(a snowflake landed on her hair hehe

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