Thursday, February 20, 2014

A week later at the park

Crazy that just a week ago we were buried in a winter wonderland and today it hit 75°. 
We took advantage of the beautiful (warm!) spring like weather and headed to the park. Enjoy a few pictures. :)

Oh and before the park we watched some biiiig tractors dig holes. She didn't want to leave!!

And Savannah Jane was happy with her spoon hehe 

These are a few pictures from this morning. 
The past few weeks Raleigh Grace has gotten really into reading books to us. I love hearing her tell the story in her words. She has a much better memory than me, that's for sure. :)
She was rolling the ball!!! AND she cut her second tooth today! Wowee girlie!! Bottom right one. :)



  1. Seriously you guys have crazy weather. 75 degrees is middle of the summer weather around here! RG hair is getting so long and adorable!

  2. I so love that picture of them both going up the slide together with their cute little booties in the air. What precious memories!!


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