Saturday, February 26, 2011

always hungry!

The other night K and I went out to dinner (to a pizza buffet at my request) and this is what I had for dinner... plus more pizza of course and some dessert pizza too.  K posted this on facebook and everyone seems to think this is hilarious... i don't see what is so funny :)

looking at it even makes me hungry now!

All because two people fell in LOVE!

As promised, the update on the exciting things going on in our life are finally going to be revealed...

its something that I (and many others) have blogged about lately...

and honestly, I have spent days trying to decide how I wanted to reveal this to you but I can not think of any clever ways to tell you ... besides... well... just telling you!

So here goes....

We're having a BABY!!!!

We feel so incredibly blessed and are sooo excited!! To read hubby's more eloquent way of sharing... check out his words on the topic on his blog here

Much Love,
Allie, K & the Pumpkin!

Monday, February 21, 2011

miscellany monday! & weekend wrap up all in one!

Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters

1)its so monday... i feel as tho all life and energy have been sucked right out of me. Praying for a more energy filled Tuesday!

2) i miss the weekend already- K & I enjoyed a nice relaxing day together on Sunday! Church with Tara, Kris & Erin followed by Red, Hot & Blue BBQ to which K was NOT impressed but I found it pretty good :) ! OH and did I mention it was in the 80's here... if only we had a pool or ours was open.

3)The Daytona 500 was a super exciting race-- I'm not one to normally get into Nascar but it sure was neat seeing a kid (literally) who won only on his second race in this series and who just celebrated his 20th bday the day before! Crazy

Trevor Bayne!

4)SPRING BREAK on my mind... yes 2 weeks and 4 days of school to go-- I am DEF. counting!


5) ... I want to spend it here with him...

 (at the beach!)

6)naps are amazing- yup I just woke up... don't judge me ha
7) I cooked dinner for the first time in forever, tonight... grilled chix, twice baked potatoes and rolls. delish! (don't hurl the insults yet, I'm still trying to be a better housewife but it just doesn't come naturally in this department!) ha!

6) and not to leave you hangin ... but ... there are some pretty exciting things going on in the life of my family right now and I would appreciate your prayers for good health and happy hearts! :)


source: google images

Friday, February 18, 2011


just for  the record... it was really hard for me to do this post withOUT a TON of pics... so consider yourself warned! ha! :) 

Baylor University! 
Waco, tx
aaaa sic' em bears!!!!!!!


we have a live mascot! actually 2! GO BEARS!!

we have the largest collegiate homecoming and parade! (in the u.s.)

Floyd Casey Stadium...

the Baylor Line! all the freshman have jerseys with their class number on the back of it and their nickname... they run out on the field before the team and then have special seating behind the opponents bench ... great memories doing this as a freshman!

K & I @ the Homecoming game!


the Panhellenic building, aka our version of the sorority house... since BU isn't allowed to have those haha... AXO for life :)

Pat Neff Hall... where the President lives... well not really. ha

our seal... for church and state! (check out the flag pole and pat neff hall in the reflection!)

they would... so pretty -- our colors-- green and gold!

Pat Neff again

K & I and Pat Neff

K and I will Judge Baylor!

my favorite building on campus which also happens to be the Education School!

seal again...

homecoming banner

Pat Neff-- after winning a game it is lit up green and gold (more than now-- you can only see @ night)

Dr. Pepper Hour! Every Tuesday free Dr. Pepper floats in Barfield Drawing Room :) yum!

and of course our coffee shop, Common Grounds-- mmmm!

Baylor is the oldest university in Texas
Baylor University is a Baptist University and really focuses on spiritual growth and involvement (Sic Em!)
Sic Em Bears... form your hand like a bear claw- hold it boldly in the air and slightly shake it to scare off the opponets (while saying ahhhh) then bring the claw across your body as to tear out the heart of the opponent and then bring it back up in the air to display to the world!   (while saying SIC EM BEARS!) 

Baylor Sing-- school wide talent show... AMAZING is an understatement! 
Dia-Del-Oso! a day in the spring where we have the day off school and have a "field day" ... its pure greatness!

Going to Baylor was one of the best decisions that I have ever made! I have so much love for this place! I wasnt sure that I wanted to stay in TX for college but after visiting BU I just knew- it was like the second I stepped foot on campus my decision was made! The campus has beautiful live oaks throughout the campus with wooden swings hanging from them.  The campus is a walking campus and the bells that ring from the tower every 15 minutes can be heard throughout most of campus.  Not only did I grow as a person while I was in school there but I also grew spiritually, got a great education and made some of the best friends!! 
(there are sooo many other great things about this school and I highly recommend it! Check it out at!)

I can not praise this amazing university enough!
Sic Em Bears!!!!


Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Weekend Wrap Up!

in bullets: 
b/c I'm too lazy to do it any other way... ha!

  • did nothing
  • K had to work till near 11pm and brought me home some pizza pazone thing from PizzaHut. good hubby- i was hungry for a late night snack :)

  • did nothing (gasp! that's two days in a row!)
  • actually we might have done something in the am but I don't remember... and i'm too tired to actually think. yup.
  • watched this while hubs was at work:
and yes, it was still as good as always... :)

  • BEST day of my weekend...
  • breakfast in bed!! yes maam!
  • church with our friends Kris & Erin & Tara
  • lunch @ Rosa's with same friends
  • home to relax for a while
  • short hike with hubs, and K&E... and it was a WONDERFUL, BEAUTIFUL day... I think it was around 70 degrees and we got to see the sunset- always nice!
  • Dinner with same friends
  • YOGURTLAND!!!!!!! My all-time FAVORITE place to grab yogurt! SOoooOO good! 
I will try to taunt the hubby to let me steal his pics from the weekend Sunday... so for now... this is what I leave you with! Oh and HAPPY TUESDAY!!

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Best Valentine's Day Gift...

So yesterday Hub's had to work a night shift (and tonight!) laksjdfd aljsdlkfj!! Majorly not cool.  He agrees.  But that does not stop this sweet man.  

When he got home from work late last night I was up (of course) and anxiously awaiting his arrival.  After we talked about his day he informed me that I could either have my Valentine's Day gift (I told him not to give me anything) now, or on V Day.  At first I was feeling really bad trying to explain to him that I didn't get him a gift-- he acted like he could care less. And then I spent several minutes arguing with myself whether I should take it now or in a few days... {why must I always be so indecisive.... idk- I couldn't decide haha} ... So i decided to take it NOW! :)

and he brings me this box.... (well a box like this since I was too excited to take a pic.. ha -- Imagine him handing me this biggest of these!!!!)

and so I scream and fuss at him (at the same time) for buying me this...

and when I finally get into it-- look at what it was!!!


isn't it GORGEOUS!?  Seriously, he has the best taste!  I did not have anything to do with him getting me a coach bag or picking this out... HE is just that AMAZING!!! 

Thanks to my awesome, amazing, loving hubby for always surprising me :) 

LOVES YOU!!!! :) xoxo

ps what are you getting that amazing man in your life!?

Wednesday, February 9, 2011


{one} ice: crushed or cubed?
hmmm it really depends. but I'm with many of you Sonic has the best ice!

like this! amen anyone? hehe

{two} what is your worst traffic pet peeve?
not using a signal (K is the WORST at this... except for today, he was backing out of a parking spot and I told him there was a cop behind him and he immediately put his signal on to change lanes... now he just proved to me he knows how to use it haha)

{three} what room in your house best represents your personality?
hmm maybe the guest bedroom/bathroom

{four} do you save old birthday cards?
oh yes! I have SO many and need to do something with them (besides throwing them in the filing cabinet).  I thought about a scrapbook but many of them have writing on the backs too and I would hate to cover that up.  I love reading back through them-- esp when I find some from my daddy and grandmothers who have passed away.  sweet moments, sweet memories!

{five} when was the last time you went on a picnic?
oh my! i love picnic's but i honestly couldn't tell you!

{six} do you regularly check your horoscope?
never do. but I'm a virgo? or did it change? ...
{seven} when you’re home, what do you wear on your feet?
nothing :) I like my feet to be free!

{eight} what’s your favorite gambling game?
tripoley! this is our family game and it is SO fun!

{nine} have you ever written (or started writing) a book?
hahah yea right!

{ten} what is your favorite musical?
oh so many! LOVE them, but probably Fiddler on the Roof since I performed in it when I was in high school :) Those were the days!  If you haven't seen it you sooo should- it has great humor in it!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Top 2 Tuesday... Blogging

Top 2 Things You Have Learned About Blogging...

1) Is commenting easy? 
I have learned that I have gotten more comments once I took the word verification off my blog... and now that I took it off I can't stand them lol :) I have had no problems with spam on my comments this far and I pray it stays that way :) 

Lets be honest... who really ENJOY'S seeing this??:

2) Layouts
Really matter to me.  I can not stand one that is all cluttered and looks like a huge mess... I admit mine is cheap free but its simple and until I can figure out something different it will have to work.  I also love it when my favorites have lots of links and a personal button on their blog (sorry I just combined like three things in number 2. oops. a.d.d. much? ha!)

so there yah have it!! happy blogging haha 

ps I LOVE GIVEAWAYS :) just saying...I WON THIS!!! YAAAY!! 
check out Sarah at We're Just Like You only Prettier! :) THANKS SO MUCH GIRL! :)

pps ... another snow day tomorrow? prayin so!

Monday, February 7, 2011

The hub's is out doing me....

goodness gracious yall!! I am sorry for the slack-ness in my blogging lately.  K & I had a great weekend and I hope you all did too.  Hopefully, your team won the Super Bowl- I really didn't care but was pulling for GB- i love green and gold yah know so naturally they were my team last night!! ;)

Since he is doing better at updating than I am... check out what we have been up to here @ The Tarheel Texan :) 

I love that man ;)!!!

Hope you all had a great Monday! :)

{oh and how about a snow day again Wednesday... keep your prayers going for that!}

Thursday, February 3, 2011


Just to warn you this post is about mayonnaise .  I know some of you don't like it and others of you despise it so much you can't stand the word.  So there. I warned you! ha

For those of you that actually like it- whether it be to cook with or to put on a sandwich- have you ever used Duke's?  It looks like this:

Let me tell you-- it is delish! I grew up using this kind of mayonnaise on burgers, sandwiches, etc and now it is the only brand that I like.  Seriously- anything else out there makes me cringe (I can relate to those of you who hate it but decided to keep reading ha!) - I can not stomach anything else. 

Well, here is my dilemma:  Dukes is NOT sold here in Texas (that I know of)... the way I keep it stocked in our refidgerator is by smuggling some from NC on our trips there.  We were recently in NC but I had no idea my supply was so low!  Today, I made one of my favorite sandwiches: (do NOT knock it till you have tried it...I know you think it sounds nasty, but try it! haha)

Banana and Mayo!
{yup that's all that goes on the bread}

I know I have lost many of you here...

After making my sandwich for lunch today I licked the jar clean!  

Now, who wants to send me some delightful Duke's?!
Have any of you had this stuff before? 
Have any of you tried Bananas and Mayo on a sandwich before?
Will this be anyone's last visit to my blog because I have disgusted you so much??

I know its possible... I seriously made a boy cry in middle school because I asked him to try this and when he didn't want to I pretended I was gonna shove it in his mouth (I swear it was all in fun! ;) ) haha and I'm not mean! promise! :)

oh and just to prove I'm not the only loony out there eating these, I googled it and found this among other sites with a recipe for this... haha

(image from link above)

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

What I'm LOVIN Wednesday!!

Today is What I'm Loving Wednesday with Jamie at This Kind of Love... head on over to her site and link up! 

1) That today is my second day of NO SCHOOL and as of about 2:30pm today school was canceled for TOMORROW also!! Although, I do not like the ice and the controlled blackouts, or our frozen pipes {ugh}... I do love being able to stay home in my pj's all day!
{added bonus- I left all my school work at school on Monday, yeeehaw!}
this is what it looks like EVERYwhere- that's ice, not snow.

2) this baby:  

Sarah @ Were like you only prettier, has one and sent me the link to purchase it... now I have been drooling all day over it...

3)this yummmy salsa that hubby fixed up for me along with some tostitos chips for a snack... delish!

4)that this crazy cat has been cudding with me alll day today and keeping me warm in this cold weather :) 
5) and of course him...LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!

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