Saturday, February 12, 2011

Best Valentine's Day Gift...

So yesterday Hub's had to work a night shift (and tonight!) laksjdfd aljsdlkfj!! Majorly not cool.  He agrees.  But that does not stop this sweet man.  

When he got home from work late last night I was up (of course) and anxiously awaiting his arrival.  After we talked about his day he informed me that I could either have my Valentine's Day gift (I told him not to give me anything) now, or on V Day.  At first I was feeling really bad trying to explain to him that I didn't get him a gift-- he acted like he could care less. And then I spent several minutes arguing with myself whether I should take it now or in a few days... {why must I always be so indecisive.... idk- I couldn't decide haha} ... So i decided to take it NOW! :)

and he brings me this box.... (well a box like this since I was too excited to take a pic.. ha -- Imagine him handing me this biggest of these!!!!)

and so I scream and fuss at him (at the same time) for buying me this...

and when I finally get into it-- look at what it was!!!


isn't it GORGEOUS!?  Seriously, he has the best taste!  I did not have anything to do with him getting me a coach bag or picking this out... HE is just that AMAZING!!! 

Thanks to my awesome, amazing, loving hubby for always surprising me :) 

LOVES YOU!!!! :) xoxo

ps what are you getting that amazing man in your life!?


  1. What a lucky girl -- I guess that makes up for him working the night shift, hehe!

  2. wow! what an awesome gift! my hubs and i got a joint gift- an elliptical! haha.

  3. I LOVE COACH!! & I LOVE THAT PURSE!! Lucky Lady!


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