Friday, February 18, 2011


just for  the record... it was really hard for me to do this post withOUT a TON of pics... so consider yourself warned! ha! :) 

Baylor University! 
Waco, tx
aaaa sic' em bears!!!!!!!


we have a live mascot! actually 2! GO BEARS!!

we have the largest collegiate homecoming and parade! (in the u.s.)

Floyd Casey Stadium...

the Baylor Line! all the freshman have jerseys with their class number on the back of it and their nickname... they run out on the field before the team and then have special seating behind the opponents bench ... great memories doing this as a freshman!

K & I @ the Homecoming game!


the Panhellenic building, aka our version of the sorority house... since BU isn't allowed to have those haha... AXO for life :)

Pat Neff Hall... where the President lives... well not really. ha

our seal... for church and state! (check out the flag pole and pat neff hall in the reflection!)

they would... so pretty -- our colors-- green and gold!

Pat Neff again

K & I and Pat Neff

K and I will Judge Baylor!

my favorite building on campus which also happens to be the Education School!

seal again...

homecoming banner

Pat Neff-- after winning a game it is lit up green and gold (more than now-- you can only see @ night)

Dr. Pepper Hour! Every Tuesday free Dr. Pepper floats in Barfield Drawing Room :) yum!

and of course our coffee shop, Common Grounds-- mmmm!

Baylor is the oldest university in Texas
Baylor University is a Baptist University and really focuses on spiritual growth and involvement (Sic Em!)
Sic Em Bears... form your hand like a bear claw- hold it boldly in the air and slightly shake it to scare off the opponets (while saying ahhhh) then bring the claw across your body as to tear out the heart of the opponent and then bring it back up in the air to display to the world!   (while saying SIC EM BEARS!) 

Baylor Sing-- school wide talent show... AMAZING is an understatement! 
Dia-Del-Oso! a day in the spring where we have the day off school and have a "field day" ... its pure greatness!

Going to Baylor was one of the best decisions that I have ever made! I have so much love for this place! I wasnt sure that I wanted to stay in TX for college but after visiting BU I just knew- it was like the second I stepped foot on campus my decision was made! The campus has beautiful live oaks throughout the campus with wooden swings hanging from them.  The campus is a walking campus and the bells that ring from the tower every 15 minutes can be heard throughout most of campus.  Not only did I grow as a person while I was in school there but I also grew spiritually, got a great education and made some of the best friends!! 
(there are sooo many other great things about this school and I highly recommend it! Check it out at!)

I can not praise this amazing university enough!
Sic Em Bears!!!!



  1. HI!!!! :-) Thanks for visiting my blog!!! We have so much in common! Your blog is so cute, I'm happy to be your newest follower!!!

  2. Hey, go Alpha! Another Baylor AXO here. Loved all the pictures. Sic 'em, Bears!

  3. I'm a fellow Baylor Bear! Love your pictures!

  4. Awww-- I am a Buckeyes fan so I am all about spirit! *I'm doing my spirit fingers as I type!*

    Seriously, FUN times!

    BTW- Did you recently color your hair or have I missed something? It's super cute!

  5. Fellow Bear here too! Super fun!

  6. Hi there! I'm a Baylor Class of '95 alum and also an AXO. Sadly we didn't have the sorority "house" when I was there...instead we met in Castelaw which was like a second home since I was a telecom major too. LIB!!

  7. wow! that campus looks amazing...sooo beautiful! I can definitely see why you chose to go there! :)


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