Thursday, February 3, 2011


Just to warn you this post is about mayonnaise .  I know some of you don't like it and others of you despise it so much you can't stand the word.  So there. I warned you! ha

For those of you that actually like it- whether it be to cook with or to put on a sandwich- have you ever used Duke's?  It looks like this:

Let me tell you-- it is delish! I grew up using this kind of mayonnaise on burgers, sandwiches, etc and now it is the only brand that I like.  Seriously- anything else out there makes me cringe (I can relate to those of you who hate it but decided to keep reading ha!) - I can not stomach anything else. 

Well, here is my dilemma:  Dukes is NOT sold here in Texas (that I know of)... the way I keep it stocked in our refidgerator is by smuggling some from NC on our trips there.  We were recently in NC but I had no idea my supply was so low!  Today, I made one of my favorite sandwiches: (do NOT knock it till you have tried it...I know you think it sounds nasty, but try it! haha)

Banana and Mayo!
{yup that's all that goes on the bread}

I know I have lost many of you here...

After making my sandwich for lunch today I licked the jar clean!  

Now, who wants to send me some delightful Duke's?!
Have any of you had this stuff before? 
Have any of you tried Bananas and Mayo on a sandwich before?
Will this be anyone's last visit to my blog because I have disgusted you so much??

I know its possible... I seriously made a boy cry in middle school because I asked him to try this and when he didn't want to I pretended I was gonna shove it in his mouth (I swear it was all in fun! ;) ) haha and I'm not mean! promise! :)

oh and just to prove I'm not the only loony out there eating these, I googled it and found this among other sites with a recipe for this... haha

(image from link above)


  1. haha! I've never heard of such a sandwich and this is coming from the queen of weird sandwiches of my past: provolone cheese & mayonnaise was my favorite in middle school or how about just mayo and white bread ... I'm now not such a fan of mayonnaise, but when I do, it is only Duke's (or Chick-fil-a's). Email me your address and I will happily send you some Duke's love from NC!

  2. You have to tell me which boy that was? I remember trying your banana mayonaise sandwiches way back then and loving them. I almost never make them, but in case anyone else reads my comment, she's not crazy, it's actually good unless you just hate mayo in any form. Then you probably won't like it.
    And here's the really good news! The HEB in New Braunfels carries Dukes mayonaise, and I've been seeing lots of ads for it on tv around here so maybe they're expanding their sales area. I buy it whenever i see it in your honor. I'll pick up a couple extra jars next time if you come to my shower!

  3. I could have swore I saw some at Central Market here in Houston not too long ago. I haven't tried it, but I'm intrigued! I love mayo, I could put it on anything, Mark thinks I'm a weirdo. I don't think I'm brave enough to try it with bananas yet though...

  4. hahaha seriously..I want to take a picture and show you how many jars of dukes we have in our's insane! and girl you know I will send you some haha! xoxo

  5. As far as I'm concerned, there is no other mayonnaise besides Dukes. Grew up with it and won't touch anything else...And don't worry I've sure eaten my fair share of Banana Sandwiches with Dukes!


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