Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Still pregnant...40 weeks 5 days!

For anyone that is still reading I just thought I would stop in really quick to say that I'm still here... and still pregnant.  
Today marks 40 weeks and 5 days- I went to the doctor today and still haven't made much progress so I will be going back on Tuesday to check again.  Today, they did a ultrasound to check the fluids around the baby and I was perfect at 12- they also did a non-stress-test which also indicated a "happy baby" !! 

Thanks for your continued prayers and I hope to be updating you all again soon... 

Here is a picture of me and my two girls from this past Sunday :) as well as a few other pictures :) 

pink nails ... ready to welcome Miss Savannah Jane! 

My latest "project!"  K got me a AWESOME NEW MACHINE for Mother's Day!! He is the BEST! 

Miss Thang being a mess in her 1st Guy Harvey shirt! 

at my last doctors appointment (hopefully) today... sans hubby. He had to work but I'm thankful he will be off when baby girl is born!

Savannah Jane's 1st NASCAR truck race-- on MY DUE DATE! ha! :) She loved it and bounced around the whole time.  It was a great date night with just K and I :) 


  1. Good luck girl!! Can't wait to "see" her.

  2. You look amazing for being 40 weeks and 5 days pregnant!! I keep watching on Instagram for any baby updates. :) Love the new embroidery machine. I am still on the fence if I want one or not. More than likely will want one once I get to welcome a little one. Here's hoping soon for me. :)

  3. You look so fantastic! I'm kind of surprised you don't go back sooner, but hey, if you are feeling good you might as well keep that baby in to get bigger and stronger. The final countdown is on!!

  4. Allie! I'm so sorry!! I remember we were both 9 or 10 days late with number one, and I always think, "Next time I have a baby, I'll be ontime! Second pregnancy is supposed to be shorter, right?!" I'm sure you thought the same! I hope you're feeling okay!!

  5. Well I am sure you have had her by now, so congrats! And way to go for keeping her cooking for so long!


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