Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Little Moments Like This...

Tonight while nursing Raleigh Grace and putting her to bed I was struck again by how precious these little moments with her are.  Today, she and I had a fun filled day together.  Just she and I- nowhere to go and nothing to do (we had to skip bible study because she and I have both been under the weather- she went to the Dr. on Friday and has a double ear infection, upper respiratory infection and maybe strep too... so yeah, I've got something too and have been feeling pretty sickly too.)  

We didn't do much today, mainly laid low and relaxed and played a lot.  We read books and played in her room, she played on her slide and in her kitchen and I just watched, played and tried to take in these last few precious moments with just she and I.  When I went to put her down for a nap she was more than willing and for the first time in quite awhile she fell asleep nursing.  I couldn't find it in me to put her in her crib... I let her sleep on me and I just tried to soak up every minute.  I did eventually lay her down (mainly because I didn't want her to wake up- and I wanted her to get some good sleep).

passed out cold! 
Not the most flattering pic of me but just how sweet is Raleigh Grace here!?
When she woke up K was home for a few minutes before having to leave again for a meeting.  She was in the best of spirits and just laughed, played and ate a cheeseburger he had brought her (at first she just picked the cheese off of it but she eventually ate about 1/2 of it).  When K left for his meeting we hung out a little longer, I got her dressed and asked her if she wanted to go to Target- which she said she did.  We went to Target and stopped at Starbucks to get she and I a drink- I love that they have 1/2 priced fraps right now- esp since that's what I get 99% of the time anyways.  I can't say that our trip to Target was the best-- in fact lately most of our trips out in public are less than pleasant- unless K (or another set of hands and feet) and are with us... Little Miss has no interest in being in a cart or basically not walking for that matter.  She has been "testing out" crying lately to get her way.  She did NOT want to be in the cart but I refused to chase her around with my huge 38 1/2 week belly wobbling around.  At one point she started throwing things out of the cart... wheph.  Eventually she shaped up (I think she finally realized I was not going to get her out) and we had fun browsing and just hanging out. 

We came home and went on a walk (it was a beautiful cool 70 degree day).  She was happy as a lark in her stroller (I was shocked) and enjoyed looking at the cars, birds, etc.  We came home and played outside a little before it was time for dinner.  I took a chair outside to sit in while I watched her play and she wanted her adirondack chair so I took it out as well.  She demanded that she sit right next to me (which I thought was cute as could be but made getting pictures difficult.)  She enjoyed running around, watching the bugs, ("smooshing" the bugs), playing with sticks, kicking her shoes off and running around in the grass :) !!
We had dinner, did bath time, and played a little more before bed.  For some reason she was wired and just running from the living room back to her room and back.  (I think she was excited daddy was finally home!)  
cracking up because she kicked one shoe off :-P

 on the move! 

Always rearranging the furniture

Bed time routine hasn't been a walk in the park lately either but tonight was blissful.  She and Daddy read some books, and then I laid down with her and we said a prayer.  She gave me kisses and laid really still and nursed... and fell asleep on me again.  I let her lay on me for a little while, then laid her in her crib, covered her up with her blanket and quietly walked out of her room. It was then that I again realized:

*and just a few more pictures for fun!*

 The picture on the right is one of her excited faces :) 


  1. Sounds like a pretty wonderful day spent with your girl! After I wrote my "Rough Patch" post, things with Chloe have definitely improved, and I often times just catch myself watching her, thinking her world is about to be rocked. Part of it makes me sad, but then I also think how great it will be for her to have a sibling. Just the back and forth emotions I'm sure everyone goes through.

  2. Love this. Man she is growing so much HAIR! I love it! :-)

    Just think that this time in a week or so you will have TWO ladies to love. Your heart is just going to explode.

  3. Wow! What a sweet post, Allie. I'm so sorry y'all've been sick... but some of my favorite days with Caleb are those days when he is still getting over something so we've canceled plans, but he's feeling well enough to enjoy the day just us. Sounds like a delightful day. You are such a sweet momma! Isn't God so good??

    Love and miss you, friend!


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