Thursday, September 23, 2010

since he's way better at this than I am...

i have missed so much these last few weeks... i mean my BIRTHDAY was last week and i didnt even make time for that here in the blog world!  :(
BUT it was an amazing bday- and the hubs made it the best!!(in addition to my super sweet kiddos)-- I got flowers from my HUBBY & from 2 of my kiddos! I got a bday cake from my room mom, my team at school, AND my hubby! mmm lots of cake... but maybe I can talk more on the bday later, time for bed for this old lady! ha!

Anyways, like the title says, since the hubs is way better at blogging than me... go check out what we have been up to here!! :) 

Monday, September 6, 2010

One Year!!

As I stated in my last post Saturday was quite a special day for both K and I.  Saturday marked our ONE YEAR anniversery of marriage!!! Holy Molie.... I can not believe that exactly one year ago both of our families gathered here to witness the love of two people and them becoming one!

TO: My loving, most amazing, KJ!
This past year has been quite incredible and I am overjoyed that God finally brought you to me and that we have accomplished what many call the hardest year of marriage!! I love you more today than when we married and I thought that was impossible! Thank you for your constant love and devotion to me, I am truly blessed and look forward to the next 70+ years!! :) xoxox
LOVE: squeetsie marie :)

right before it went down
at our reception

we did it!!

outside the courthouse *kiss*
the whole gang, our witnesses
the rings
wifey and hubby!! :)
and we're off! what a mess!!

(PS: yes, that was 3 posts in one day, I am amazed with myself! haha)

Weekend Wrap Up, K's Family.

Happy Labor Day!!

This weekend has been super fun! Thursday night K's dad and little brother came into town to visit. Thursday night we went to dinner at a great Taco place with a fun atmosphere and then came home to relax. 
Friday, K was off work so he took the men fishing at a state park near here and they caught a few lil fellas! K might post about this later on at his blog so I don't want to steal his pictures just in case. :)  Friday night we stayed in and watched tv/movies and ordered my favorite pizza, Papa John's !! Delish! 
Saturday, I was off work but sweet K had to work so the three of us hung out at the house most of the morning then met K for lunch.  We went grocery shopping that afternoon and K's little brother grilled us some delicious steaks on the grill, along with fresh corn on the cob and mashed potatoes!  We had a great evening just relaxing and enjoying each others company.(More on Saturday in a separate post- it was a pretty special day...)
Sunday, both K and I were off (finally) and we decided that we would all go fishing again at the same state park.  We packed up, headed out, and picked our spot.  When we finally settled in a spot we sat, and sat, and sat.  We had a few good bits but nothing bit hard enough to take the line. :(  We still had a great time hanging out even though it was rather warm outside!  We headed back to the house and my next door neighbors had been grilling out all day- lots of chicken, ribs, etc. for my neighbors brothers birthday.  We said hi and they ended up inviting us over to hang out.  We had a great time and it ended up almost being a small block party as several neighbors came over and hung out.  We headed back to the house to clean up and hung out for awhile before going to BWW (Buffalo Wild Wings) for a later dinner.  Food was great but service was iffy as always ha.  When we got back to the house the neighbors were still out hanging out and told us to come back over so we did.  We spend most of the night over there just hanging out enjoying the rather nice breezy weather. 
This morning we woke up and laid around the house until almost lunch time when we headed down to Ben and Jerry's to try and find a t-shirt that K's dad wanted for a friend.  That was unsuccessful but we did enjoy a delicious lunch at Blue Goose (tex-mex) and did a little shopping at James Avery.  Karl exchanged his second wedding band for a nice crucifix necklace on a pretty leather chord, his dad replaced his wedding band because his current one doesn't fit anymore, and I got my necklace that K got me for Christmas polished.  We made a quick trip to wally world to pick up a hard drive to put our wedding pics on and send back to K's mom and then came home;  It was time for them to pack up and leave. 
We had a great time- and I know that K especially enjoyed their company!! It was hard to tell them goodbye but we hope we will see them again soon!

I hope that all of you had a great Labor Day weekend! Back to reality tomorrow... guess I better get on those lesson plans :( At least its only a 4 day week!!! Praise God! :)

Top 2 Tuesday... Fall Favorites

Well it sure has been a while since I have participated in Tay's Top 2 Tuesday but I am happy to be back linking up on this one!!

Her Top 2 for this week is Favorite Things About Fall...

1) MMM... Can it smell any better?!

2)Texas fails me on this one in the fall... but oh the mountains of North Carolina in Fall, you just thrill me.  This is almost worth moving back east :)

And there you have it!! Okay, I am lighting my candle now :) Can't wait for fall to set in in full force!
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