Friday, January 22, 2010

thought of the day...

A lot of my close friends are having babies.

  • I want to "join the club" and experience this with them.
  • I want to pick out cute baby clothes and bedding.
  • I think babies are super cute.
  • I even think maternity clothes are cute.
  • I'd like to eat & not suck in my belly for 9 months.
  • I want to have a blog with pictures of my cute baby on it.
  • I want to see if our baby looks like me, K or a combo.
  • I want the "next big thing" to get excited for.
Those, my friends, are not good reasons to start a family. 
And I need to keep remembering that!
Someday, I'll feel really ready... for all the right reasons.
That day just isn't today.
So I'll celebrate with my friends & love being "Auntie Allie" for a while longer.

How's that for being transparent? :)

{Okay, so I did steal this from my sweet friend Jen -with permission- and couldn't have said it better. Thanks Jen for sharing and allowing me to share!}

North Carolinians... I need YOUR help!

hey yall!! to all of my fellow North Carolinians!! I really do neeeed your help! 

K and I are planning our wedding for this summer in NC (YAY!) ... our only issue is that both of us are living in the great state of TX and thus makes wedding planning very difficult! 
I know that several of you are from the east coast and are newlywed's -- I would loooove and covet any vendor information you could share with me! Esp. PHOTOGRAPHERS, and VIDEOGRAPHERS (I am verrry picky with my photos, and am wanting someone who is perfect-ha, which means I am getting very nervous knowing that soon I need to decide who to go with...)! as well as other vendors for things like cake bakeries , etc.

So thank you ahead of time... I just love all my blogger friends and don't know what I would do without you all! :) 

Monday, January 18, 2010

The Bachelor.... Christina!

Aye Aye Aye!! (and no, I am not a pirate) but it has been ages since I have updated... so long ago that I have been.... unemployed, out of the state, my sweet friend got voted off the bachelor, and finished a week of work at the new job! Wheph! Lottts to catch ya'll up on!

Okay so I just finished watching The Bachelor tonight and I am so mad that he kept Vienna. Gross, just reminds me of Vienna saussage and ... GROSS! That is all I can say.
and for what it's worth, I LOVE Ali, she is my favorite and not only because we share our name.  I really hope Jake wakes up!
And now on to the BIG REVEAL.... if you all were wondering, I would like to introduce you to one of my best friends (and one of my bridesmaids...)

I love you girl, because you are not only GORGEOUS on the outside but your inner beauty is just as LOVELY! < 3 u!  XOXO

I promise I will be back SOON and post more updates about my trip to North Carolina to see our family (K and my) and also about my new job! Thanks for being patient with me! I had missed you all dearly and can't wait to catch up on what ya'll have been up to also! :)

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

The Bachelor & Wishful Wednesday

And there he is...

Most of you either watched or have heard about The Bachelor, Jake Pavelka.  I love watching this show but have never been a die-hard viewer.  Except for this season.... for multiple reasons...

1. Jake is a good-ol Texas boy... or so they say ha! I even have a friend who lives down the street from him. Literally.  
2. One of my best friends from college is on the show. :) !!!!!

Before I break the news of who she is (if you know me personally you probably already know, so don't spoil the big reveal ha!) I want to know what you all thought of the first episode that aired on Monday night.  

-Who was your favorite girl?
-What was your favorite part of the show?
-Funniest moment?
-The girl you love to hate?
-Who will he marry? 

Sorry for being obsessed with this show, I swear I'm not normally "obsessed" -- I just love watching someone I know on TV ha! Its such a weird thing ha

On a different note I have been dying to do a GIVEAWAY ... I have never done one. 
I have nothing special to celebrate (I don't have 100 followers, this isn't my 100th post or anything like that...) minus the fact that I just love to get things for free and I think that giving is equally or more fun!

What would you like to see on a giveaway? 

And one last thing for a Wishful Wednesday...

**EDIT** I had no idea I was supposted to stick with the "hair theme..." ha! Ya'll have to be patient with me haha I'm still learning...  I will add my wishful hair at the end... check it out...

*I WISH ... that ALL of these people lived in NC so that I could move there without regret...*

LOVE St. Augustine Beach, Florida, 21 of us living beachfront for a week... yes in one house... ahhhh <3!!

(we are silly...)

(all the grandkids, minus one or two)

** ....oh and of course ALL my lovely friends :) **

and since I was supposted to do Wishful Wednesday...
"I Wish..." I had ____'s Hair
here is a re-do ha!

"I wish..." I had Jessica Simpson's Hair

(okay fine, I just want to be her! ha!)
Enough Said, beautiful ... :)

Hope you all are having a HAPPY HUMP-DAY! 

... check back soon to see who I know on THE BACHELOR :) :) 

Monday, January 4, 2010

NYE 2009!

They say its the end of another decade... but is it really? We all know that the years did not start with zero... just something to think about.  So going on that it really IS the "new decade"... this means that I have now lived in FOUR DECADES!! That just seems insane to me considering I am still in my twenties ha!  New Years Eve this year K had to work (no surprise) but when he got off I made dinner and our friends J & Em came over.  We ate some yummy Brown Sugar glazed Pork that was slow cooked, some veggies, rice and wine.  Such a good meal!  The guys played Wii while us girls just caught up, chatted, and hung out.  They left around 11 and we went over to our neighbors house.  K wanted to watch "some guy" jump his car into the ocean but I was NOT going to miss the ball dropping (we are in CST) to watch the "guy".  Well I insisted that we rush over to the neighbors house to watch the ball drop, and as we got there realized that they were all playing RockBand and that we were going to miss BOTH! ha! we didn't want to be rude and leave so we just joined in their fun.  We played RockBand with them for about an hour and at midnight we were happily surprised of the re-play of the NY ball dropping... everyone grabbed their love, some pots and pans and after the clock stroke zero everyone headed outside to bang their pots and pans haha! It was quite a hoot, and a very fun way to bring in the new year! :)
Happy 2010!!

Christmas Recap!

Are ya'll ready for this!?  I'm finally back to the blog world {wahoo!} I have missed ya'll so very much and I am happy to be back!! There is a lot that I need to catch ya'll up on so I am going to get started... this may end up being multiple posts.

So like I told you before... we got snowed in on Christmas Eve! (probably because I spent a little too much time outside playing in the Oh-so-Wonderful SNOW!

Christmas Eve Photos:

the little snowman.... I had limited time and no help from the hubs (ahem!)

catching a few flakes on my tongue!

this is what we tried to drive home in...

about an hour later when we finally got back home (about 5 miles of driving)

how funny is this! our walk home from the grocery store Christmas Eve!

me in all my joy, being silly! :)

My favorite...

K & Yoda working hard on our first fire in the house!

So warm and cozy!

and of course I had a nice bowl of snow to make some Snow-Cream!

Christmas morning we woke up fairly early and talked to our family in NC and then opened our stockings here at the house.  Since we had already opened the gifts that we gave each other (because we thought we were going to be with my family) the stockings were all we had to exchange.  We did that and then I went to play in the snow a little more before we had to tell it goodbye!  The neighbors kids were also outside and they were having a blast as well.

our backyard on Christmas Morning

stocking fun

Yoda with his stocking

one of the kids about to destroy my snowman :(

Christmas Morning before hitting the road for our 6 hour trip

We finally packed the car and got on the road... where we spent the next 6 hours of our Christmas day.  Christmas lunch... well ... lets just say that EVERYTHING is closed on Christmas eve so we ended up with Jack-in-the-Box... how embarrassing, but I was so glad that they were open.

When we finally made it "home" we went straight to my aunt and uncles house where their family, my family, and our grandma were.  They had eaten the Christmas Meal a few hours earlier and we were still (embarrassingly) full from, yes, Jack-in-the-Box. ha! They got a good laugh out of that! We opened some presents, ate dessert and then decided it was time to head back to my parents house... poor Yoda was freaking out- having been stuck in the car for so long, not to mention he was a bit chilly outside.  We headed to Mom's and opened presents and had a blast enjoying the company.  We were all tired and called it a night soon.  The next morning Mom had ordered tamales for breakfast and some yummy breakfast tacos. Later that afternoon mom and I went to the church to work on the bulletin- she is in charge of putting it together as well as printing it so we worked on that while my sister and K stayed at home an worked a puzzle that my dad got for Christmas.  Pat (my stepdad) and my other sister went to a birthday party.  Sunday was church, lunch at Double Dave's pizza, then to Granny Em's to do Christmas at her house.  That night my sisters boyfriend came over and we had a fun game-night! My little sister who is in 7th grade couldn't convince her boyfriend to come over because he had done a 10 mile bike ride earlier that day.  We played Disney Scene-It, Battle of the Sexes, and Taboo.  We had a great time.  Monday K and I had to head back to our house but before we did I got a haircut, and he and my dad installed new locks on both the front and backdoors!  They looked great!  The long drive home was... well... LONG! We didn't get back to our house until about 3 am! Straight to bed and K was back to work on Tuesday.

Wednesday was K's 27th Birthday!! We celebrated by eating some good mexican food for dinner and then when we got home I surprised him with a cookie cake and a gaming chair - both of which he really enjoyed.

at dinner

His cake

Birthday Man!

Oh and I forgot to mention we got about another inch of snow on his birthday, Tuesday.  Just crazy weather for Texas! More to come on how we brought in the new decade, NYE 2009! :)

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