Friday, January 22, 2010

thought of the day...

A lot of my close friends are having babies.

  • I want to "join the club" and experience this with them.
  • I want to pick out cute baby clothes and bedding.
  • I think babies are super cute.
  • I even think maternity clothes are cute.
  • I'd like to eat & not suck in my belly for 9 months.
  • I want to have a blog with pictures of my cute baby on it.
  • I want to see if our baby looks like me, K or a combo.
  • I want the "next big thing" to get excited for.
Those, my friends, are not good reasons to start a family. 
And I need to keep remembering that!
Someday, I'll feel really ready... for all the right reasons.
That day just isn't today.
So I'll celebrate with my friends & love being "Auntie Allie" for a while longer.

How's that for being transparent? :)

{Okay, so I did steal this from my sweet friend Jen -with permission- and couldn't have said it better. Thanks Jen for sharing and allowing me to share!}


  1. I can name a couple of more why you are so not ready :)

    1. You like your sleep..a lot still.
    2. You both need better jobs/K has to finish college and that would be wicked hard with a baby + he would not be able too because you both would need to work full time.
    3. No more being able to afford last minute NC trips for a bit
    4. You pretty much understand already!

    The time will come, just need to keep hoping for a teaching job so K can go back to school because that is so important so he can actually do something he likes and not dreads! Then baby!
    Everytime I hang with Kat's girl Mila I'm like, ohh I want her, can I steal her from you..and then she throws a hissy fit over something trivial like the way her hair is being brushed and I think, "thank goodness I am not dealing with this right now". Being an "aunt" is good, you can experience all the good and not the "bad" yet :)

    Your time shall come!

  2. Yeah, we're not on the baby train either! Though I do love babies, I think I'm going to just stick with babysitting/nannying and get my share that way :)

    Our videographer was great - we were fortunate to get them last minute under the premise of a "training session" so we didn't get an edited video, but it saved us thousands of dollars as I didn't know videographers were so expensive (close to that of what our photog was!). I'm not sure if all are like that, but I really loved this husband and wife team and they work a lot with my photographer, so that's why I booked them. They have won amazing accolades for their work as their edited videos are an amazing show of the actual day! I hope to have them edit ours in a few years!

    Oh and our chairs are similar to chippendale chairs (carved wooden backs & legs with upholstered seats), so the only fabric will be on the seat.

  3. Ahhh...I remember feeling Baby Crazy after Jason & I got married! :) And it is such a wonderful experience, for the most part. Sounds like you have a good head on your shoulders, so I don't need to fill you in on the not-so-fun parts. But if you ever want the good, the bad, and the ugly, feel free to ask! Just know that God will provide that sweet one in His perfect timing, and you'll know when you're ready just as much as you knew K was the man for you!


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