Friday, January 22, 2010

North Carolinians... I need YOUR help!

hey yall!! to all of my fellow North Carolinians!! I really do neeeed your help! 

K and I are planning our wedding for this summer in NC (YAY!) ... our only issue is that both of us are living in the great state of TX and thus makes wedding planning very difficult! 
I know that several of you are from the east coast and are newlywed's -- I would loooove and covet any vendor information you could share with me! Esp. PHOTOGRAPHERS, and VIDEOGRAPHERS (I am verrry picky with my photos, and am wanting someone who is perfect-ha, which means I am getting very nervous knowing that soon I need to decide who to go with...)! as well as other vendors for things like cake bakeries , etc.

So thank you ahead of time... I just love all my blogger friends and don't know what I would do without you all! :) 


  1. So fun! I am all ears if you need more help as I loved the wedding planning process. Here is my list of vendors :)
    Kelly’s Vendor List

    Photog: KMI Photography (Kevin & Lauren Millard)
    Videographer: Life Stage Films (Matt & Melissa Davis)
    Florist: Fiore Fine Flowers (Lonnie Taylor)
    Cake: Nicki’s Cakes (Nicki Macrae)
    Hair & Makeup: Lavish Hair Salon (Elisha Wendt)

    I loved all of my vendors, but I met with tons others and have heard great things about the following:
    Millie Holloman Photography
    Salt Harbor Design (florist)

  2. Good luck pretty lady!! It'll all be a blast

  3. hey girl! totally feel free to use whatever i write! :)

  4. you know I'm not in NC lol but have you tried looking on! They always have amazing recs for your area!!! :)

    I'm so excited for you and to follow your wedding process!!XO


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