Monday, January 4, 2010

NYE 2009!

They say its the end of another decade... but is it really? We all know that the years did not start with zero... just something to think about.  So going on that it really IS the "new decade"... this means that I have now lived in FOUR DECADES!! That just seems insane to me considering I am still in my twenties ha!  New Years Eve this year K had to work (no surprise) but when he got off I made dinner and our friends J & Em came over.  We ate some yummy Brown Sugar glazed Pork that was slow cooked, some veggies, rice and wine.  Such a good meal!  The guys played Wii while us girls just caught up, chatted, and hung out.  They left around 11 and we went over to our neighbors house.  K wanted to watch "some guy" jump his car into the ocean but I was NOT going to miss the ball dropping (we are in CST) to watch the "guy".  Well I insisted that we rush over to the neighbors house to watch the ball drop, and as we got there realized that they were all playing RockBand and that we were going to miss BOTH! ha! we didn't want to be rude and leave so we just joined in their fun.  We played RockBand with them for about an hour and at midnight we were happily surprised of the re-play of the NY ball dropping... everyone grabbed their love, some pots and pans and after the clock stroke zero everyone headed outside to bang their pots and pans haha! It was quite a hoot, and a very fun way to bring in the new year! :)
Happy 2010!!

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