Wednesday, January 6, 2010

The Bachelor & Wishful Wednesday

And there he is...

Most of you either watched or have heard about The Bachelor, Jake Pavelka.  I love watching this show but have never been a die-hard viewer.  Except for this season.... for multiple reasons...

1. Jake is a good-ol Texas boy... or so they say ha! I even have a friend who lives down the street from him. Literally.  
2. One of my best friends from college is on the show. :) !!!!!

Before I break the news of who she is (if you know me personally you probably already know, so don't spoil the big reveal ha!) I want to know what you all thought of the first episode that aired on Monday night.  

-Who was your favorite girl?
-What was your favorite part of the show?
-Funniest moment?
-The girl you love to hate?
-Who will he marry? 

Sorry for being obsessed with this show, I swear I'm not normally "obsessed" -- I just love watching someone I know on TV ha! Its such a weird thing ha

On a different note I have been dying to do a GIVEAWAY ... I have never done one. 
I have nothing special to celebrate (I don't have 100 followers, this isn't my 100th post or anything like that...) minus the fact that I just love to get things for free and I think that giving is equally or more fun!

What would you like to see on a giveaway? 

And one last thing for a Wishful Wednesday...

**EDIT** I had no idea I was supposted to stick with the "hair theme..." ha! Ya'll have to be patient with me haha I'm still learning...  I will add my wishful hair at the end... check it out...

*I WISH ... that ALL of these people lived in NC so that I could move there without regret...*

LOVE St. Augustine Beach, Florida, 21 of us living beachfront for a week... yes in one house... ahhhh <3!!

(we are silly...)

(all the grandkids, minus one or two)

** ....oh and of course ALL my lovely friends :) **

and since I was supposted to do Wishful Wednesday...
"I Wish..." I had ____'s Hair
here is a re-do ha!

"I wish..." I had Jessica Simpson's Hair

(okay fine, I just want to be her! ha!)
Enough Said, beautiful ... :)

Hope you all are having a HAPPY HUMP-DAY! 

... check back soon to see who I know on THE BACHELOR :) :) 


  1. I think he will pick Tenley for some reason...they just both seem really sweet! But then again maybe he needs a girl with some spunk :)

  2. -Who was your favorite girl? Ali
    -What was your favorite part of the show? all of the awkward moments
    -Funniest moment? Vienna tripping in the intro!
    -The girl you love to hate? hmmm don't really hate anyone yet...
    -Who will he marry? I hope he goes for Ali.

  3. Girl!!! I wouldn't mind being her either! Lovely right??!

  4. You pretty much do have Jessica Simposn's hair! Wouldn't it be awesome if you-know-who married Jake and moved to Denton and yall could hang out all the time again? I think that would be really fun! But that won't happen if you move to NC!

    here's my elementary joke for the day
    What is a camel's favorite song?
    My Humps! hahaha


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