Monday, February 22, 2010

30 Day Shred for lent?

Well as many of you have all mentioned bikini season is right around the corner (even though they are calling for snow here tonight and tomorrow!) and like many of you I am dying to kick my rear-in-gear and lose some weight and tone my body.  On top of summer, and pool time being just around the corner, our wedding is also just around the corner and I want to look stunning in that dress and ... well... we have a honeymoon in Destin, FL!
So over the past few months it seems to keep coming to my radar... Jillian Michaels "The 30 Day Shred"... okay friends, I will admit that I have NEVER once attempted to work out to DVD or TV but I keep hearing such positive things about this dvd that I just had to try it out.  I purchased it about ... eh... a week ago maybe? and after about 2 or 3 days of it sitting on the coffee table I finally opened it to see "what it was all about."  I watched level 3 to scare motivate me that level 1 must be oh so easy compared to three! ha!  Well I put the DVD in, and attempted to do level 1... let me just tell you, the warm up about made me pass out haha not literally but seriously after several minutes (maybe 5 or 6) I was BEAT!  I had to turn it off for fear of having a heart attack or passing out ha! Not even 24 hours later I was sore in the legs and the abs! YIKES!
The only conclusion that I can come to is a) I was super-duper out of shape and b) this DVD work-out might actually WORK!
Have you all tried it? What were your results?  Again, I am not promising to "COMPLETE" this, its just going to be used as a tool to help me die shed some fat, and hopefully weight!  And now, time for me to go at it again! (looking for reviews on this dvd? here are a few...)

Oh oh! and on top of all this, last wednesday was Ash wednesday and I decided to cut sodas out of my diet for the next 40 days!  I think this is killing me more than the workouts... :( Maybe this will aid in the shedding of weight :) What did yall give up for lent? How is it going for YOU!?

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Woah, betcha wondered where I went! & "Snowy Promises"

Just to clarify, I am still alive despite what anyone else may think! HA!!
All kidding aside I do apologize for somewhat disappearing over the past few weeks and I hope that you forgive me.  I will try my best to do better! Lots has been going on, mainly traveling to NC and trying to plan a wedding which I am learning is VERY expensive (esp. when you are inviting the whole country, almost literally) and also very time consuming! I have been having a blast none the less, not so much at the start, but now that the ball is rolling I am loving every minute (just about) of it!!

Yesterday we got record snowfall here! 14.4 inches of snow in 24 hours! It was the coolest thing ever to wake up yesterday morning and see about 2 inches of snow on the ground, snow still falling, and it never stopping, not once, all day long!! It literally kept snowing until we went to bed and apparently didn't stop until 4am this morning.  LOOOTS of snow! Ahhh so fun, I felt like a kid again! I will post lots of pics for you at the end of this since I have been lacking for so long! But first I hope that EVERY single one of you who are reading this will take the time to read this first.... It is an entry from our pastors wife, Lauren, she wrote it on her blog a few months ago when it snowed and I couldn't help but share it with you.  It is WONDERFUL! Enjoy!
The Lord has been gracious to use snow as a sweet reminder of His promises. When I was in college and in the midst of a spiritually tumultuous year, He sent a beautiful, quiet snow to remind me of His promise to "wash me and I will be whiter than snow." A few years ago an unexpected snow in an unexpected season (and fulfilled dream) of life reminded me that He can bring beauty to barrenness.

So, when Christmas Eve offered up a beautiful White Christmas I couldn't help but be giddy. I couldn't help but remember the promise of the manger, the promise of the Messiah, the promise of the Cross and the promise of the Resurrection.

The promise of the manger: the promise that we would have a high priest that would know what it's like to put on flesh.

The promise of the Messiah: the promise to be delivered from the slavery of sin.

The promise of the Cross: the promise to know suffering at its greatest extent and through that suffering absorbing wrath, imputing righteousness, atoning our sin and making all the Father's promises be a resounding YES.

The promise of the Resurrection: it's done--all our debt is paid in full--the pain and suffering will be but the pain of birthing new life.
"For all the promises of God find their yes in Him. That is why it is through him that we utter our Amen to God for his glory." 2 Cor. 1:20
Thank you, Lauren, for sharing, and to all of you loyal readers, I hope that this touched you as it did me.  Spend time to meditate on the word of God and see where it takes you. :)
Now time to switch back to watching the opening ceremonies of the Winter Olympics with the hubs! Have a good night and plan on hearing from me again soon!
OH! almost forgot, here are the pics from our snow yesterday :)
We took a trip on foot to the grocery :) 

All snowy white!

a Winter Wonderland! (but not so fun to drive to work in at 7am)

Why did I not park in the garage?

K and his "evil" snowman

K's "evil" snow-bumblebee and my "dreaming of somewhere tropical" (according to K) ha!

G'nite yall and have a great weekend!!
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