Friday, June 29, 2012

Potential Dangers of Pain Relievers for Teething

Over the past month or so Raleigh Grace has really been teething and I know many of my friends have little ones who are trying to cut teeth as well.  Raleigh Grace now has two teeth on the bottom and is working on at least one more up top.  As a mom of a teething baby I know that its not always easy.  
My mom gets updates from and when this one came to her she forwarded it to me... as she said, its timely information to have.  
I don't understand why products like these are on the market without bold print warning labels... makes me wonder.  Anyways, I'm not telling you what you should or shouldn't use for your baby but I got this information and wanted to at least inform you of it so that you can do a little research of your own.  Personally, I don't care how rare the danger is, if I can avoid it to potentially avoid the death of my sweet baby girl you bet I will! Thanks for passing this along to me, Mom! Here is the content verbatim from 

"Visit FDA's Benzocaine and Babies: Not a Good Mix to learn more about the possible dangers of benzocaine, a local anesthetic found in some over-the-counter products, including Anbesol, Hurricaine, Orajel, Baby Orajel, and Orabase. The use of benzocaine gels and liquids can lead to a rare but potentially fatal condition called methemoglobinemia.
Parents sometimes use products with benzocaine as pain relievers for teething babies. According to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), children under 2 years of age are at especially high risk. Adults with heart disease or breathing problems and smokers are also at increased risk.
Review FDA's warning for a list of symptoms of methemoglobinemia and see suggested alternatives for soothing teething babies. "
And because every post is more fun with pictures... hope you are having a great "pre" 4th of July weekend! :)

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Banjo Lessons

I just love these two together... aren't they cute!? 

Here is what K had to say about the picture: "Getting a free lesson from my lil' girl!"

RG by the Week: 35 weeks!

June 12-18th

Oh my word!! This means my sweet little girl is eight months old!! I can not believe it! Yikes- she is on the slippery slope of turning one which scares this mamma like crazy!!! She is still however, the sweetest, cutest girl in the world and we seriously love her more and more every day!!

Raleigh Grace, this week you are: 
-really enjoying time with family in Gatlinburg (see more photo's here and here)
-clicking your tongue
-brushing your teeth in the sink (hehe see pic above!)
-pulling up on things with ease
-whispering- its almost like you are trying to talk in the donald duck voice Pop does to you... its really cute when you do it of course
-dancing- you will move to the music when someone is holding you while you are standing up! you bounce your knees and move your hips... ADORABLE!
-you try to "scroll" through the pictures on my phone (or whatever is pulled up on it)- you basically touch the phone like you are grabbing at something
-you love to hold two objects and hit them together or hit them on the floor, table, etc.
-you are walking with someone holding your hands really well- sometimes your feet will just start going so fast- we can all tell you want to walk SO bad!
-you looove people who wear glasses and you LOVE to take them off of them - Pop let you take his off about 100 times this week and so you expect that everyone else will let you too even though they don't but you still try.  Pop would hold you and say "take off my glasses" and you would.  Then he would say "put them in your mouth" and you would and then he would say "okay throw them on the ground" and you would.  Of course you had no idea what he was saying but he knew what you were going to do so he would say it before you did it and it was so funny because it "seemed like" you were doing exactly what he was telling you to do!
-on the 15th (Friday) you got your SECOND TOOTH!!! We knew it was coming and thought it might come through while we were at the family reunion and sure enough it did- gma Lala was the first one to really feel it.  Its on the bottom next to your first tooth.  Speaking of your first tooth- you can really see it now when you open your mouth for food or laugh!
-love ice chips
-got your first baby doll on Friday the 15th.  Your cousin Elisa had a baby doll that you liked playing with at the house so gma had wanted to get you one at some point since you didn't have one.  Gma Lala and I were shopping at the outlets with you in your stroller and we were in Carters just browsing the clothes when all of a sudden you just start doing your "ughhh ughhh" sort of grunting like you want something and we thought you just wanted out but you kept doing it and you were looking up- come to find out they had baby dolls on a shelf high up and you were so excited that you wanted to play with it! Mom got it down for you and you just kept giggling at it.  They had another little baby-doll that looked more like an infant than a little kid (like the first one) and mom showed it to you- its eyes were closed (they were just a straight line sewn) and she was trying to get you to pick which doll you thought the infant one was so funny but you definitely liked the first one better.  It was a small doll and sort of expensive so we put it back and decided we would look for one somewhere else but before we left we went back by the shelf and you again noticed her so mom bought you the doll ha!
-sing songs -- sometimes when there is music on you will babble
-scream when you hear loud noises or kids yelling: cute story:  When we were walking down the streets of Pigeon Forge one day an ambulance came by that was reallllly loud (it drove right by us) as soon as it passed you were watching it and went "ahhhhh" really loud- screaming at it.  It was the sweetest and funniest thing ever!
-you say "mah-mah" when you want me and "maaaah maaaah" when you want to nurse
-a challenge to put to sleep but usually if I nurse you, you do okay...
-waking up around 8- 8:30 in the mornings then napping around 10
-love entertaining everyone at the family reunion and everyone just oo's and ahh's over how adorable, sweet and well mannered you are!
our home away from home
where we were staying (not natural but still beautiful as you are driving in!)
first day "home"
playing with her cousin Alyssa for the first time - RG is 2 1/2 months older but doesnt weight quite as much as Alyssa yet ha

see I told yah! (Pop and RG with his glasses!)

On Wednesday night in Gatlinburg you SAT up in your crib all by yourself after I had laid you down.  I heard you crying and looked over and you were sitting straight up- I was shocked and couldn't help but laughing... you are such a mess.  Needless to say I was so happy for you I picked you up and took you back downstairs where you hung out with Aunt Carol for awhile (about an hour) before you went to bed around 11pm! ha You just were so wound up (weren't we all having so much fun) that you wanted nothing to do with sleep pretty much all week :)
your first time sitting up in your crib (trying really hard to stand but not successful... yet)
Thursday when we were laying in the bed you tried to give me your passy and put it in my mouth- that melted my heart- you were sharing with me and you knew exactly what to do with your passy. I love you so much!
You also tried to put mom's glasses on her on Thursday.  You love "gma" and you esp love her red glasses (you kept looking for them if they weren't on her and one morning you even found them under her pillow and started playing with them.  You are so smart!!

-you say bah bah and blah blah 
--maaaybe said dah-dah ONCE??? but not sure ... 
Aunt Elizabeth was trying to feed you and you smacked the blueberries and they landed on her face- she was a great sport as always :) 
we just might have had a dance party in the living room one night and you, yes you, were in the center of the circle :) 
we went to the pool with these members of the fam but we didn't get a pic of you and I :(  you love love love the pool (even though it was a little cold at first)
Great Grandma Cissie with two of her great grand-babies
basically the only naps you got all week were in the car rides and even then you kept your eyes open while sleeping ha
despite your face you were intreaged with the balloon- you thought it was pretty cool and we had a lot of fun playing too ha
My mom, my cousins daughter- Evie, and you :) (Evie just loved you and you loved her!)
You are obsessed with Aunt Elizabeth's gold heart necklace from James Avery - I wish they still made them and we would get you one
More fun hiking with Pop- you LOVED being outside and being "worn" in your carrier! 

Tuesday, June 26, 2012


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Sunday, June 24, 2012

Gatlinburg Family Reunion Part 2

I guess I forgot to mention a really funny story on the last post... if you missed Part 1 you can find it {here}

See this onesie that RG has on? and how its 9 times too big? and a little bit "touristy" haha!

Well we had put a REALLY cute, turquoise, Ralph Lauren tennis dress on Raleigh Grace that morning- it was the first time that she had ever worn it and boy did she look adorable!  Well when we made the drive from our hotel to downtown Pigeon Forge K was getting RG out of her car seat when I saw something on the skirt-- I asked him what it was and he was like, "Oh, probably something she had to eat at lunch." ... as he moved her I saw that the WHOLE underside of her clothes were BLACK.  Baby girl had a MAJOR blowout- I'll spare you the details but let me just tell you- she has not had a blow out since she was about 2 weeks old... so needless to say, I did NOT have a change of clothes for her :( .  I sent my sister, K and my stepdad to go "find" (aka buy) Raleigh Grace something to wear for the remainder of the day-- (this is probably around noon-ish now).  In the time they walked to a store to find her something to wear and walk back- my mom and I were still CLEANING up.  We had such a mess that we even had to clean up the ground from where we were just throwing wipes down ha!  Yea, so this is the ONLY outfit that they could find that was remotely her size (its HUGE on her) it is an 18 month old onesie (she wears 3 month or 3-6 for the most part right now).  I had a hard time putting her in it knowing it had probably been hanging in that store for the past 5 years (I later noticed that the shoulders have a faded line on them from where it was hanging. sigh) ha!  I had no choice but to let her wear it and THANKFULLY her sweet sensitive skin didn't flare up... This just goes to say she can pull anything off ;)
(this is the Ralph Lauren outfit- you can't really see it but your get the idea... super cute ha!)
(and yes, that brochure was strategically placed for picture purposes! ;))

And on with the rest of the pictures from our trip... hope you enjoyed that funny side story ha!
yes, we ALL slept in the same house (almost 30 of us!) ... this is the beautiful 9  bedroom  9 bath house with 2 hot tubs, a huge jacuzzi tub, patio's galore, a pool table, air hockey table, movie theatre, a magnificent kitchen, 2 refrigerators and freezers AND a pinball machine, a golf machine (like the ones you put quarters in) AND an old Atari game system that had pacman, galatica, etc! :) 

this is the first time my cousin (who is the baby of all of us) has ever held a baby!  (and his two sisters)
my uncle Mike and his daugher Christina taking care of the babies- adult view
baby view :)
this was the start of her standing on her own...
she looooves Pop so much! They played and played :) 

baby girl likes poker already- playing with the $$ :) 
this was the first time she STOOD in her crib (pack n play)- Mamma was SHOCKED, esp since there was NOTHING for her to pull up on! 
sweet girls little tan from the beach :)
Pop hiked her a mile and a half up the mountain to this beautiful HUGE waterfall (see it in the distance?) we weren't quite there yet ha! 
Pop and RG & Uncle mike with my cousin Matt's daughter, Lexie 

we saw TONS of green berries hiking... I imagine if they were black that would mean more bears! 
My sister hiked RG  a mile and a half down the mountain! 
Aunt Kelly with her two grandkids- Evelyn and Lexie
bet I couldn't get that shot again in a million years ha *kinda creepy I know- I had no idea that "friend" was there when I snapped this!*

My cousin Laura and her niece Evelyn (this was right before the skink jumped onto her and she started crying :( )

even got to see this beautiful sight one night after the afternoon showers!
Aunt Audrey must have been a bad hand! Ha (we have a picture like this of me holding Audrey and her making a wide eyed face... we were trying to recreate with her holding my baby! ) 
Our family game- Tripoly... best game ever!
playing cards with the cousins
everyone playing with RG- they were trying to get her to roll over and of course she wasn't cooperating ha
singing his baby girl to sleep and rubbing her head :) 
our little family
totally had to SIC EM! :)
Even RG loooved the bears- she just kept giggling at it 
dinner at Bubba Gumps
One morning Audrey and RG playing on the porch
she tried Jello for the first time and LOVED it!
this is what going out to eat consists of now if she isn't in the high chair... no more having her on your lap- she goes after EVERYthing! 

Hope you enjoyed our trip (via pics) as much as we did! I am sure we will be going back soon! :) 
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