Monday, June 18, 2012

Emily and Arie

Sooo where are all of my fellow Bachelorette fans!? 

I am so on board with Arie and I am sooo glad that she sent Mr. Cocky himself home. FINALLY!! 

Anyways, I love Arie and think they would be soo cute together. At the beginning I honestly didn't think she would keep him around because he is a fellow race car driver. I thought that would bring back too many memories and pain-- guess I was wrong.  

oh and can we please talk about his last name... Luyendyk ... Emily Luyendyk ... sure sounds good enough ha! 

So who would you choose for her... I know several of my friends are rooting for Sean from Dallas but I hear he's not in it for the right reasons... 


  1. I liked Arie at first too, but now I'm not so sure. I don't know what it is about him, but it's like he fell too quickly for her and it makes me question if they will work out. Plus he kisses weird, have you noticed that? Ha! I really like her with Sean too, I hope the rumors aren't true that he's in it for the wrong reason. I hadn't heard that.

  2. I like Arie too BUT I heard he was hooking up with one of the producers???? I still think Jef has a good shot but to me he talks to much :)


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