Sunday, June 17, 2012

RG by the week: 34 weeks

This little girl is changing and growing SO MUCH and sooo quickly! It seems like everyday she learns something new.

She is so much fun right now and as always loves hanging out with lots of people and of course loves getting all the attention.
This past weekend/week we have been having a blast in Gatlinburg, TN hanging out with lots of family (21ish people in one house!) Miss RG loves all of her family and boy do they love her! Nothing warms my heart more then seeing how much she is loved by everyone! :)

Okay so for a quick weekly update since I'm out of town... Sorry if this is all over the place...

Clothing: She's wearing anything from 0-3 month to 6-9 month clothing (the 6-9 are pretty big but we have made some of the outfits work because they were from family). Still in size two diapers (only pampers sensitive to try and get over that awuful yeast diaper rash she has had for about 2 weeks!)

Food: no one can believe how much she eats! She will eat anywhere from 4-10 ounces of food per sitting. We started giving her some yogurt this week and she loves it! She has had banana and blueberry "Yo Baby" so far. She will sometimes have the yogurt for bfast and then eat baby food for lunch and dinner. She is still nursing every 4ish hours and more or less during the night depending on the night.

Sleep: this is still on and off- we have one tooth and are still waiting for number two to come through which I'm sure will happen any day at this point (its right there! I can see it!) One night she will sleep 7 hours the next only 3- the consistent thing is that she will nurse and almost always fall right back asleep for a few more hours- she will do this a couple of times.
When I put her down for the night she will sometimes roll over to her belly then to her back and do this over and over. She's totally "mobile" in and around her crib as far as getting what she wants. She can find passys sometimes and put them in her mouth.

Raleigh Grace's firsts:
Her first time in the pool this past weekend with K, my stepdad and myself. She wasn't to sure of what to think at first- the water was also chilly- but when she warmed up she started kicking her legs like a frog and really splashing. She had a blast- this was at the hotel we stayed at in TN. We first went to the indoor pool and then the outdoor one that was warmer. We dunked her three times and she never cried but she did cough a little. She would go right back to playing every time. I felt bad dunking her but she did great!
She has become a pro at pulling up on things.
She started making a loud clicking noise with her tongue.
She can lean over when she's sitting and almost fall completely over and then push herself back up.
Rolling over from her back to her belly (she did this the first time with Karl)
She is standing on her own when she has something to lean on- the other night she had her back leaning against the couch and she stood they for at least 5 minutes by herself.
She has started this new thing when she's really tired where she squints her eyes shut and wrinkles her nose up. She grins really big and it cracks me up every time.

Behavior: she's biting things with her "tooth" instead of always sucking on things- she bit a piece of an animal cracker off the other day.
She's constantly rubbing her tongue over her gums and making new faces.
She says mah-mah all the time- ESP when she wants to nurse. She will also say other variations of that- nah-nah,  and maybe nee-nee? She chews on her tongue when she's hungry or will click her tongue. She mimics screaming noises she hears and will do all of the above for attention. She's so much fun and such a happy girl!!

We are having lots of fun in TN! See yall in a few days! :)

June 5-11

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