Thursday, June 7, 2012

In a Years Time...

I can not believe all that has happened in my (our) life in just the past year.... and really so much more has happened this is just some highlighted things...where to begin?!

-Completed my first year of teaching with some of the most wonderful teachers and students
-Got laid off for the second time in 4 years due to the "economy"
-Put our house up for rent (also our first home together)
-Said goodbye to my wonderful church and church family as well as countless friends
-Moved to NC living with my mom while I was 6 months pregnant
-I Survived living without my hubby all summer while he was working out of town.
-My parents put their TX house up for sale that we had lived in since I was 10 years old
-My parents moved from TX to Mississippi
-Rented out our first house in TX (praise God!)
-Moved into a 2 bedroom condo in NC that was basically "gifted" temporarily by a family member!
-K got a new job- we were so thankful God provided
-Taken many trips to the beach
-Spent countless hours with our awesome families here in NC
-Gave birth to my wonderful, beautiful daughter!!

-Celebrated my first REAL Mother's Day! -Went from being "unemployed" to a "full time stay at home mom"

I'm not writing this as a sob story rather just to document all of the changes I have been going through over the past year.
Its sometimes hard for me to be completely open and honest here on my blog about "not so happy" things because I don't want people feeling bad for me but it's time I open up a little and get this off my chest.
Times haven't been totally easy for me (us) this past year yet we have had some wonderful moments and made great memories. Saying goodbye to TX was extremely hard for me after having lived there for nearly 17 years. Much harder for me than K since he had only been living there since we got married about 2 (almost 3 now) years earlier. Not only did I say goodbye to all of my friends but I also had to say goodbye to the home, town, church, friends, and family where I grew up.
Anyone that knows me knows that I am not a huge fan of change, especially when it's not something I have control over. Many of these changes happened so fast and were out of my control that I am still processing many of them.
I know that I am blessed beyond measure but sometimes life tends to get me down (don't we all have these moments occasionally?). I have been blessed with a wonderful husband, perfectly healthy daughter and a huge family who constantly surrounds me with unconditional love.
I'm praying for contentment as the days roll on and also that k and i would be able to find a home church here.  I'm praying for ways for the two of us to get plugged in and to meet new friends (this has been especially difficult for me as a stay at home mom!!). I'm praying that one day (hopefully sooner than later) K and I will be able to purchase a home here in NC- we are sooo grateful for the condo we are living in but we have the stuff that fit in our (much larger) home, crammed into a 2 bedroom condo ha! (and we all know I have a ton of junk!)
I know I'm not the only one whom "life" is happening to right now... Just trying to keep it real here.

On a more positive note tomorrow I leave for the weekend to hang out with my family and K-- our family reunion is this coming week... I'm excited but super bummed because K won't get to stay the whole week- at least he will get to spend the weekend's with us!! :) Miss Raleigh Grace is going to meet some more family and even meet her cousin who is only a few months younger than her! :) Thanks in advance for listening and for all your prayers and support! :)

And because this little girl makes all things better ;) 
so smart ;)
(she tried yogurt for the first time today and loved it! Banana then blueberry!)


  1. change can be good & bad - praying for you to come to some resolve with it all! enjoy the week/weekend with your family!!

  2. You sure have been through a lot, but I'm glad you are able to see the positives in everything and like Kelly said above, change can be good. Here's to hoping NC becomes "home" to you real soon!

  3. AMEN to change. I still think it's amazing how similar our little stories are! God totally wanted us in each other's lives for a reason.


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