Saturday, April 27, 2013

A Day in the Life: 18 Months

A couple of days ago, I saw on my timehop app that I had done a "Day in the Life: 6 Months" post about Raleigh Grace, exactly one year ago!  I read through it and so enjoyed all the details of our daily life and wished that I would have done post such as that one more often.
With Raleigh Grace being 18 months old, and with the new addition to our family in just a few short weeks, I thought I would try and capture our day today! (If you really don't want to know ALL the details of my day this might be a post worth skipping- this is a lengthy detailed post but I really don't want to ever forget all the details of our lives, big or small!)

Friday, April 27th, 2013
Raleigh Grace is 18 months old and 10 days.  I am 37 weeks pregnant (today!) with little sister Savannah Jane! 

9:30-9:45am I hear Raleigh Grace stirring in her room.  She went to bed super late last night (around 11pm) so I leave her in her room to see if she will fall back asleep.  She wasn't crying or fussing at all. Just saying one or two sounds every few minutes.

10:00am She is still talking so I decide I will go get her up.  I go into her room and shes laying in her crib, on her back, sucking on her passy, holding bunny and rubbing his ribbons.  She has one leg crossed over the other and is just as content as can be.  I greet her and say good morning but she just lays there.  A few seconds later she stands up but won't let me pick her up.  She points to her window and says "bir" "bir"-- I know from experience that this means that she wants to look out the window for birds.  We pull back the curtains and blinds and while she's standing in her crib she looks out the window for the birds.  We don't see any birds this morning but I ask her if she sees all of the trees.  She responds with "biii-g" (meaning the trees are big) and she starts swaying side to side -- the wind is blowing outside and Raleigh Grace is mimicking the swaying of the pine trees.  She finally lets me get her out of her crib (bunny and passy in tow- sometimes she asks to bring her blanket too but not today.)  She immediately starts signing eat (this happens every morning) and I take her into my room and ask her if she wants to have her milk and then eat.  I sit her on my bed and she agrees but then starts signing for chapstick (she's addicted hehe and does this every morning too!).  I give her the chapstick, she takes the lid off, uses it, puts the lid back on and says "bak"- meaning for me to put it back in my nightstand drawer.  I put it "bak" and lay down in my bed with her.

10:10-10:35am She nurses for about 15 minutes on one side and then for about 10 minutes on the other.  (Some mornings she nurses less and some rare mornings she will nurse more than this.)  She sits up and wants to eat.

10:40am We get out of bed and go to the kitchen and ask her what she wants to eat.  This morning she points at a granola bar so we open the granola bar and sit on the rug in the kitchen and she eats it. I eat a couple of bites of it then go get her water cup from her bedroom and give it to her as well.  She sits in my lap some and sits alone some.  She still has bunny with her and she makes sure to give bunny a few bites of her granola bar.
After she finishes the granola bar I ask her if she would like some oatmeal.  She says "yes!"-- she loves the individual oatmeal packages with fruit in them- they are just the perfect size serving for her also.  I mix up the strawberry oatmeal with the water and microwave it for a minute and a half.  We talk about it cooking and she watches for the timer to go off.  I get the oatmeal out and sit it on the counter and get two icecubes to put in it to cool it off a bit.  Raleigh Grace is at my ankles looking up at me, trying to watch and she says, "puh phu" (up, up) "peas" (please).  I pick her up and sit her on the counter. I get out a spoon and ask her if she would like to stir the oatmeal and ice.  She nods yes and I let her stir.  This lasts a couple of seconds then I stir until some of the ice is melted.  I test the oatmeal touching it to my tongue as RG watches and I tell her "its good!"  She mumbles several words with a very concerned look on her face and I explain to her that its not too hot (which is what she is always worried about) and that its good.  I get a bite to give to her and she sticks her tongue out, tests it and then opens wide.  She decided after that that she wanted to feed herself so I get a bib put on her and she sits on the counter with the bowl between her legs and feeds herself 90% of the oatmeal and then tells me she is all done.  While she is eating, I'm loading the dishwasher and picking up/cleaning the kitchen.  Thankfully today it wasn't in too bad of shape.  After RG decides she is done eating, I feed her the last 10% of the oatmeal that is left.   She sees one of the tiny oranges (mandarin maybe?) sitting on the counter and asks to have it-- really she just loves peeling them.  I get the peel started and she starts peeling the orange piece by piece, putting the peeling into a bowl.  If she gets a large piece of peeling she gets really excited and says "biii-g!" She is so proud of herself.  She peels the majority of the orange with little help from me and I split the orange pieces apart.  She eats a couple of them and decides she is done so I eat the rest.
I get a grapefruit and cut it in half as RG watches on.  As I am fixing my grapefruit we talk about the seeds (she smells them), the color of the fruit, etc.  I cut around each section of the grapefruit so this takes awhile-- she moves on to looking at the pictures we have on the kitchen island (of K and I) and talks about each one.  She also loves pulling the water squirter out of the sink and putting it back in over and over.  She starts getting fidgety (she's still sitting on the counter with me right there) and finally I'm done cutting the grapefruit.  I add a little sugar to the top and RG says "mmm" and sticks her finger right in the grapefruit.  She licks her finger and I eat my grapefruit and she watches and gets a few bites too. When we are done we both wash our hands and I put her down on the floor, and I quickly put the rest of the dishes in the dishwasher and clean off the counter.

~11:15ish Raleigh Grace grabs me by the hand and takes me back to her room.  I change her diaper and get her dressed for the day.  Neither changing the diaper or getting her dressed are easy, quick tasks these days.  The diaper change wasn't too stressful this morning but sometimes it can be.  It always requires me chasing RG around her room (or the whole house) to catch her.  Once I catch her she usually squirms and squeals (usually laughing, sometimes mad and crying) and makes her body like a limp noodle, making it extremely hard for me to get her onto the changing table.  Once on the table she usually continues the kicking and sometimes will lock her legs so I can't get the tabs off of the diaper. Wheph!! Sounds fun huh?! ;)
Anyways, I finally got the diaper changed and let RG go over to her closet to "pick out her clothes"-- she LOVES looking at her clothes, and oo's and ahh's over them as she goes through the closet pointing and touching different pieces of clothes.  She went back and forth between a couple different outfits and finally I just chose a shirt to put on her.  Getting her dressed is often almost the same struggle we have with the diaper change. She would much rather run around in a diaper than put clothes on.  ha! I try to put the shirt on her head and she bobs and ducks her head- I finally get it on her head and she cooperates with putting her arms in the sleeves.  We even sing songs/play peek-a-boo and anything else I can think of at the time to distract her but she has a mind of her own and to be quite honest, I think she likes the "game" of it all! ;) I grabbed her pants and she willingly put those on.  Raleigh Grace  plays with her shoes- she loves shoes and will probably have 5 or more different pairs on in a given day.  We have a bag of shoes that were given to us (that are one size too big still) in her closet, and as she was getting ready she wanted to try on every single pair and walk around in them some. (I think there are about 6 pairs of shoes in that bag!)
(It doesn't always take that long to do a diaper change and get dressed but it sometime does.  Today I knew we didn't have anywhere to be and we weren't in a hurry so we just had fun with it and took our time :) )

~11:45am-ish - 12:45pm-ish We read books in her room and play on the floor.  She pulls out her spin around toy and plays on it some.  I lay her blanket out on the floor and she reads some books to herself.  While she is playing I get some hangers and begin hanging up some of the clean clothes I have piled in the rocking chair in her room.  Raleigh Grace also loves hangers so I give her a couple to keep her happy.  She plays well by herself for a little while then wants up on the bed where I have all the clothes laid out to be hung up, etc.  I let her up but she immediately starts pulling the clothes off the hangers.  I put her back on the floor and she isn't really happy about that.  I try to squeeze in a bathroom break and she follows me in there and pulls some toilet paper off the roll and wants to put it in the toilet.  I make it out alive and then let her throw her paper in and flush the toilet too. (This is a fairly common ordeal also.  Usually she wants to pull off half the roll of toilet paper- its always a struggle to keep her from pulling it all off the roll.)
I notice someone has a stinky diaper and we do the whole diaper change routine again.  She does not want me to change her diaper but once I get her laid down she is pretty passive. I can tell she is getting sleepy and its time to start thinking about nap time.

12:50pm Time to get ready for nap time.  We walk around the house saying "bunnnnny... bunnnyyyyy..." looking for Bunny.  I walk into the kitchen and say "I see bunny!!!" Raleigh Grace starts looking around and when she lays eyes on him (her?) she starts giggling profusely and laughing out loud.  I grab bunny and he "hops" off the counter and into her arms.  She is laughing and hugging and swinging around holding onto bunny.  She LOVES bunny soo so much! She tickles the ribbons on her face and at one point bites the face of bunny in her mouth and shakes her head back and forth laughing.   Then its off to find passy.  We walk around the house "calling for passy" like we did with bunny. I find the passy on my nightstand and give it to RG. Bunny and passy in hand/mouth she is a happy (and very sleepy) girl.  She immediately calms down and walks into her room.  I ask her to pick out a few books and when she has three, we put them on the bed- as she is picking out the books, I turn on the sound machine and shut the bedroom doors.  I put RG on the bed and she lays down and I cover her with her blanket. I get on the bed as well and put a blanket over my legs too.  We then read the three books (I let her pick which one to read first and second).

1:00pm- 1:10pm RG nurses.  She doesn't fall asleep but I can tell she is really close.  I pick her up and she fusses a little and asks for "milk milk" as she signs it.  I told her she got her milk and lay her in the crib, she takes her passy and closes her eyes.  I cover her with her blanket and leave the room.

1:15pm I don't hear another sound from her and she is still as can be.  Baby girl is down for her first nap.

1:30-2:30 I come in the living room and play on the facebook some, research video baby monitors and start this blog post :)

2:30pm K gets home and surprises me with Sushi and soup for lunch!  We eat lunch, hang out and talk and he watches some Arrested Development on Netflix and I catch up this blog post.   I take my first picture of the day (its unusual that its this late in the day and I haven't taken any pictures yet- my memory on my phone is full so I blame that ;)  )  I fix K and I a piece of cake- yummmm!

3:45pm Raleigh Grace is still asleep so I jump in the shower. I don't remember the last time I showered without her (its probably been over a week or so- its just been easier lately to throw her in with me.)  I took a nice long shower and actually shaved my legs for once! Wahoo, bring on the baby! ;) (jk- Savannah Jane... stay in there a few more weeks for me baby girl!)

4:30pm Raleigh Grace finally wakes up from her nap.  K is home from work so he goes and gets her and snuggles with her on the bed in her room for a few minutes but then she started demanding to eat.  He brings her to the living room where they get a snack (some veggie sticks) and I work on blow drying my hair, doing my make up, getting dressed etc.
K and RG have a little Daddy/Daughter date and he takes her on a walk to Mickey Dee's (McDonalds) where he gets her a cheeseburger Happy Meal.  She eats the whole cheeseburger, all of the fries and drinks all of her apple juice (usually she just gets water so this was a "treat".)
By the time they get home I have finished getting ready (its amazing how much faster it goes when I'm alone ha!).  I watch RG for a few minutes while K takes RG's car seat out of my car and moves it into his car (since we will be using his car all weekend and we still only have one "big girl" car seat.)  He also loaded up his car with some things he wanted to take to his dad.

5:50pm We head out the door to head to see our family.  We stop on the way to get K's car washed (a drive through one- RG was NOT a fan of her first drive through car wash- she was so nervous and scowled and said "no" the whole time) then met up with my stepmom, brother and K's dad at the Boy Scout hut.  They were cleaning and getting tables and chairs set up for my brothers Eagle Ceremony that is this Sunday.

6:45-8:15pm I hang out and keep an eye on RG while K and his dad mop the floors, oh and Miss Thang had to help out too. She grabbed a little mop and went to town- she kept saying "mop mop" and dipping the mop in the bucket and mopping the floor (slinging water all over herself. :-P)  When she was tired of that she went outside and collected rocks and sticks and hung out with K, his brother and his brother's friend.  She is so happy being outside and keeps herself entertained with nature.  She loves rocks, sticks and now BUGS "buh-gs" hehe.  She loves watching them and sometimes squishes them.  oops!  We went back inside and everyone was cleaning the tables with paper towels and she of course had to help out too.  She went around with a paper towel and wiped the tables (that were much taller than her-- she just had her hands reached way over her head and wiped the tables down.)  After a little while K picked her up and helped her wipe them down- he was holding her over the tables and walking down them while her hand and arm drug across the table.  It was really cute.

8:20pm- 9:45pm We finish up and head to dinner at our (K's) favorite mexican restaurant.  Both K's parents, my stepmom, brother and my aunt all came.  We had a great dinner - RG ate a few avocados and some rice and called it quits.  She was more interested in planning her escape to get down and run free around the restaurant.  It was so crowded we didn't have room for a high chair (my worst nightmare ha) so RG got passed around from one person to another.  She was in a good mood (as she always is) and for the most part was very well behaved.  She only tried to putting her hand in someone's cup 100 times because she kept wanting to chew on ice.

10:00pm we say our goodbyes and head home.

10:30pm We get home and K changes RG's diaper and gets her in her pj's and ready for bed while I change into some more comfie clothes.  K and I then switch positions -- RG is laying on the bed with bunny and passy and I pick a few books one by one and ask her if she wants to read this one.  She tells me yes or no and after three "yes's" I lay them on the bed.  I get her medicine ready and give it to her (she takes perscription allergy medicine and has since she was just months old).  I give that to her and then get her toothbrush ready. K meets me in her room, turns on the sound machine and then he brushes her teeth.  The two of them lay down and he reads the books to her.  He calls for me when he's finished reading to her and I come in to nurse her.  It's another super late night so nursing didn't last long tonight.  Raleigh Grace nursed about 5 minutes on each side and I could tell she was super sleepy so I decide to lay her down in her crib after that (when she was switching sides nursing she sat up and rambled a few words and pointed behind the bed- she has been doing this on and off for several weeks now.  When my mom was here more than a month ago, RG spotted a hairbow behind the bed and pointed to it and my mom got it for her.  I really think that this is still what RG is talking about when she starts pointing back there.  Every time RG starts doing this I tell her that there is nothing back there- then I say "Did Lala get the hairbow when she was here?" and most times RG will nod or say "yes.") As I start to get up and lay RG in her crib she says "mik mik" (milk milk) but I just lay her in her crib and give her her passy.  She didn't make another sound and she didn't move so I walked out of the room.

11:00pm RG is asleep for the night. I am exhausted.  I sit on the couch and finish this blog post.  K brings me a piece of cake and I eat it while typing.  K is working on packing for our little trip tomorrow.  We are meeting up with some of his "online friends" and going to a truck show.  He is a part of a forum with other guys and gals who drive trucks like his and they are having a show tomorrow.  Only down side is, it is three hours away and it starts at 8am.  That means we have an earrrrrly morning tomorrow. I pray that RG will sleep once she gets put in the carseat and maybe I will too :).

**This is a very typical morning for us and not such a typical evening but not uncommon either.  We love that we are close to family and get to spend time with them from time to time. Usually in the evenings we stay around the house and I either cook (rare!) or we go grab something to eat as a family.  Just trying to keep it real here ;) hehe**

***FYI I stayed up so late typing this I want to go-ahead and post it before I forget but I'll be honest, I haven't proof read it at all (which isn't my style) so forgive me for any typing errors ;)

Also, Not all of these pictures of from today but most of them depict our real life (and are from the past few days).  :)
Here are just a few more pictures I couldn't help but share ;)

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

The Difference 10 Weeks Makes!

Just taking a look back... 10 weeks ago and now! 

26 Weeks pregnant with Miss. Savannah Jane vs 36 Weeks pregnant!!



Other Side: 

I definitely think something is growing in there ;) Can't wait to see that sweet little face! <3 p="">

Monday, April 22, 2013

Texas Trip 2013: Part 1!

I promised almost a month ago that I would post pictures from our Texas/Mississippi trip and I am finally getting around to it! I think this weekend is the first weekend in over a month that K and I and RG are all together- no plans, just relaxing!  I am always thankful for weekends such as this one- especially when in 5ish weeks we will be adding another family member (that won't be sleeping through the night, sigh ha!). (I started this post over a week ago and I am finally publishing it :-P )

(Days 1-3: March 11, 12, 13, 2013)
The day we arrived in TX, Raleigh Grace and I were greeted by my sister and her friend, Hailey.  They were so sweet and immediately started playing with RG while I ordered some starbucks for myself and my mom who was waiting in the car.

We went back to my grandma's house where I let the biggest surprise in history happen.  My whole immediate family was at my grandmas house (mom, stepdad, two sisters...) and they were spending time together for "spring break".  My middle sister lives in Texas but the rest of my family lives in Mississippi so they were in town for the week.  My middle sister, Elizabeth is recently engaged and was going dress shopping with my mom and youngest sister and talked about how much she wished I could be there but I told her that there was just no way we could afford it and being 30+ weeks pregnant- it just wasn't going to happen.  My family was also in on the surprise (of course).
It was almost 10pm when we finally got to my grandma's house and I just walked in with Raleigh Grace like no big deal.  When Elizabeth saw me she just screamed "OMG I'm going to cry!" (she was on the phone with her soon to be hubby and apparently they were talking about finances- he freaked out asking if she was okay and then she explained and quickly hung up the phone).  We hugged, she cried, and we hung out and let everyone play with RG.  :) (RG and grandma Cissie played music for us and watched the people in the music box dance:)

The second day we were in town we went dress shopping.  Raleigh Grace tagged along with my mom and I and RG just oo'eh and ahh'ed over all the dresses! :) We found "THE DRESS!" and ordered it! :-D  We had lunch at What-a-burger where RG enjoyed her first visit there. (Side note: I put a pic of her on instagram and tagged whataburger and whataburger requested to follow me... haha I thought that was great ha!) We then did some grocery shopping at the famous H-E-B... man how I miss Texas sized grocery stores!  Only in Texas will you find furniture at the grocery store (for sale!) with your states markings ;) .  Love it!

 Hanging out with Auntie Bubs at Whataburger!           And drawing a picture for her while dress shopping (little ones weren't allowed in one of the stores we went.)


Yes, this was IN the GROCERY store! <3 td="">

this is just one isle of produce!
One of my dearest friends (and college roommate!) came over for dinner and to hang out!!

On the 13th my great friend Melanie and her son Ashton drove all the way down from Austin to hang out with us for the day (talk about a true friend!!) Ashton and RG are just two months apart and Melanie and I are both pregnant with little ones due just a month apart! Oh how I wish we lived close! Melanine is an amazing woman of God and her friendship is truly priceless! (Not to mention my two daughters will mary her two sons and our husbands are in a bro-mance together hehe!)
My sister feeding RG breakfast :) then going outside for a little morning stroll :)

After Melanie and Ashton arrived we went to the park!! It couldn't have been a more beautiful day- mid 70's and sunny!! 

Then of course we had to get some fro-yo! (Melanie with the babes that were so tired, wild, and all over the place running around.  Pretty sure the lady working had no idea what to think with two pregnant ladies chasing two toddlers! haha)

The ladies and the FOUR babies!! <3 p="">

LOVE this woman so much! 

Then we finished off a LONG, FUN, day with bedtime stories with Lala!

....To be continued! 

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