Saturday, April 20, 2013

Baby #2: 36 Weeks!

(above pics actually take at 36weeks 3days- 4/22)

36 Weeks: April 13-18

Weight Gain: Oh for sure... no clue how much but I am huge! ha!

Maternity Clothes : yes! I can't fit into anything else!

Sleep: Once I get to sleep I'm usually only up once to go to the bathrom (having said that there are lots of nights I'm not asleep before 1am and I get up at 7am when K goes to work then go back to sleep for another hour and half or so) 

Best Moment of this week: 
I have no idea, everything is flying by and I can't keep track of time!
Two weeks ago sweet Mallorie and Emma Claire were here- that was so much fun!! I hate we live so far away from each other.
Last Sunday we went over to our friends to celebrate Shane's birthday.  And on Saturday our little family went on a SIX mile hike on the greenway! :-P We started walking thinking it would be about 3ish miles and a few hours later and 1/2 way through we realize we still had three MORE miles to go after walking three. It was BEAUTIFUL weather and we really had a wonderful time! RG did awesome staying in the stroller almost the full two hours! 

Movement:  11:45pm is dance party time!  I wonder if that will continue when shes here? It seems like ever 2-4 hours we have a little dance party in my belly.  I can tell shes taking up so much room because often I can feel her really low and in my ribs at the same times (she lives in my ribs!) -- apparently 4pm is a dance party too as I sit here writing this post ;) 

Food cravings:  Just food! HA! Seems like I can eat and eat and... EAT!

Food Aversions: the same... 

What I miss: Not bumping into things ha

Gender: Girl!

Symptoms: It seems like I have been having more BH contractions but nothing super painful lasting for any amount of time.  My back has started hurting on occasion (middle to lower on  right side of back).  The rib pain and burning is almost constant.  My rock hard belly now sits on the top of my legs and that drives me crazy!  Some days indigestion is really bad but nothing like I remember compared to my pregnancy with RG.  This past week I went full out on nesting/cleaning but I'm so over it now ha! 

What I'm looking forward to: Not really "looking forward to" but I'm anxious to see if I have any progress at my 37 week exam this week! With RG I was 1cm at 36 weeks. I'm hoping maybe with the BH's I've been having I might be a little further along? Maaaybe! haha I do not want another 9days late baby if I can help it!

Bumpdate:  I haven't taken an "official" picture in weeks... until I get around to that here I am getting a little sun on the belly ;) as well as some pic's with RG and the belly! Gotta love instagram pics ha!

and if you are curious here is my 36 week pregnancy post when I was pregnant with RG... I read it AFTER I wrote this post and again they are so similar....
oh and the belly with RG:


  1. Looking fabulous girlie! I cannot believe you are already 36 weeks! I just wanted to let you know that I am working on the girls shirts today and will have them in the mail on Monday. I wasn't able to get that other fabric because our stuff STILL isn't here but I found something else kinda similar and I think you will love it! If you wouldn't mind sending me your address, that would be perfect!

  2. You're getting so very close!!! How exciting.


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