Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Savannah Jane's first snow! {& Weekend Wrap Up}

And I have no pics to show (just yet...). I took a few on my dslr so maybe eventually ill make the time to upload them. We got literally JUST an inch. I was a little bummed it wasn't more but thankful at the same time bc K has to work regardless. 

"Quick" recap from the weekend and update one Savannah Jane's sleep...
Friday and Saturday she slept till 5:30am and 4:30 am! (From about 11 the night before!) this was the most sleep we had seen since the first couple of months of her life. Both nights she slept in the swing. Sunday and Monday night she was up quite a bit as she was back in our room. Trying to decide if its our room or just the swing ;) -tonight she is back in the swing. She went down around 9:30p and was up at 11:30p-ish and I nursed her. She didn't go riiiight to sleep but she finally did fall back asleep without a fight. Almost like she was in a trance! (Again- in the swing). 

Oh and Raleigh Grace has been so sweet as always- We had bible study today. Came home and was getting lunch ready when I hear Raleigh Grace in the other room " one two, this is the truth, God loves me and God loves.... SISSY!"

Melt my heart sweet girl! 
Helping with dinner! She loves to help cook, clean, etc! :)

Double bath time. Always fun! 
Sadly, Savannah Jane is still yanking on that ear! We go back Thursday for her SIX MONTH well visit and he will check her ears again! (Yes, she's now EIGHT months. Eek! Too many sick visits- we are finally getting in for a well one!)

K snapped this tonight after I had nursed her and she fell right asleep on me. Her little hand was rubbing my arm. So sweet! I eat her up daily!! 

And both girls napped AT THE SAME TIME today for... Get this... THREE HOURS (Savannah Jane) and FOUR HOURS (Raleigh Grace!). I was able to clean up, make some lunch, SIT DOWN to eat it, and make this matching shirt for Savannah Jane for valentines day!! :) I ha already made the one for Raleigh Grace ;)   . 

Yesterday (Monday) Raleigh Grace and I went to the park because it was 60° hehe 

Sunday (26th): We went to our church for the first time as a family since Savannah Jane was born! It was wonderful! We ate at Panda Express and k surprised Raleigh Grace with a (cold) trip to the park! It was a beautiful but chilly day!
Savannah Jane turned 8 months old and also cut her FIRST TOOTH!!!!!!!

Thursday, January 23, 2014

How to keep two babies quiet and contained

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Go Hubby, Go Hubby!

Hey hubby, you've been a show off today! And I love you! 
Thanks for all you do for me! Xoxo

Get ready... This is going to be all over the place...

I'm so super spoiled by my AMAZING hubby.... He came home to help me get the girls ready for bible study.... And he brought me Starbucks!!!!! 😍

Then after lots of nagging about the DVDs he decided to bite the bullet and put them in a book! I then started feeling bad and told him to just leave them but he said no, he didn't mind getting rid of the cases...

And DONE! He looks so sad :'(

In other news Savannah Jane still isn't sleeping and this whole "give her her paci, blanket, lay her down and say nite nite" has resulted in her screaming for an hour the last two nights- last night k had to move to the couch :(. 
Tonight we put her down at 8:30p (3 hours ago) and she has already woken up three times. She did go right back to sleep so that's good I guess :-/. 

Oh and she had yobaby yogurt for the first time today. She LOVED it! Seriously loved! And screamed when she finished it and I threw it away. Like mad crying screaming. Crazy girl! 
Hilarious face while chewing the spoon lol!
And found this in my hair tonight. Thanks Raleigh Grace hehe. I had forgotten she gave it to me this afternoon. Heheh 

And I spent nap time doing this: okay really only spent 20ish minutes. 

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Sleep breakthrough?! (My "Not" Sleep Training Experience)

Sleep in our house for Savannah Jane and I has been pretty non existent. She has been waking every hour or two and I'm jus straight exhausted. She's 7.5 months old and should be sleeping much more by now. Here's my first real effort to help her learn to sttn! 

Midnight: laid her down in bed. Fussed for a little while, sat up crying, gave paci and laid her back down. She put herself to sleep cuddling blanket soon after. 
2:34 woke up crying and sat up. Gave her her paci, said night night time and laid her down with blanket. 
2:34/5 She screamed loud for less than a minute. Sat up and cried a few short cries on and off. 
2:37 sat back up & started fussing/crying louder. Gave paci & blanket & laid her back down and said night night time. She "complained" a couple of times. 
2:39 All is quiet & she's back asleep!!!! 
Praising God & continuing to pray for sleep. Karl didn't even wake up. Praying God surrounds us with angels & that he blocks out any way that the devil is trying to bring us down-be it anger or sickness or lack of sleep or anything else. Trusting in God!
2:57 I'm laying back down to try & get some sleep! Praying this is the breakthrough I've been praying for! I know God is faithful and hears AND answers my prayers! Feeling hopeful and overjoyed!!
4:15 quiet
4:19 screaming mad "mamma!"
4:23-25 quiet
27 crying, lay back down
29 screaming. Nurse. Feeling bad last nursed around 11 so maybe she was really hungry? She's a happy girl! 
4:44 sleep
At some point she woke up again and I nursed her. I was so tired I don't remember but I'm thinking it was around 7:15 this morning and maybe again around 9? We all got up at 10:45. 
Hoping that we made some progress last night and maybe tonight ill get a little more sleep. :) 

We Have a Climber!

This officially happened once yesterday (1/16/15) but every time I turned my back today (1/17/15) she was climbing up in this chair! 
It's a good thing Raleigh Grace is the sweetest big sister ever and when asked "can you share with sissy?" Her response is almost always (in the sweetest voice ever), "suuuure!!! Share sissy!" 
Praying that they will always love sharing everything that they have and they might be best friends forever! Thank you God for these two precious gifts and their abundant love for each other even at such a young age! I pray that it only grows deeper with time!! Amen!

And I'll save THE BEST for last!! Look at this fearless girl!!! :-O!! 
(That's my blurry hand spotting her ha!) 

Oh and one more thing... She actually played by herself again today... For like 10 minutes!! Thank you little people & your castles! 

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Yesterday: A Not So Perfect Day

(Written 1/15/14)
Playing bc her only nap was 20 minutes. 
Tired mamma! 

See! Proof she's still tired too! She screamed sooo long and hard fighting nap but never fell back asleep. It was awuful. Like I was nervous the neighbors were going to call the cops! 

And she's still pulling on her poor ears and wheezing some. :( 

When I got this cutie up from her nap
She had her socks on as mittens and a shirt (she reached off the changing table) around her waist as a skirt. She wouldn't let me take either off but especially the skirt ha!

Lots of days I just want to hop in her crib and lay down with her after her nap. Today I did. She nursed, I relaxed. It was awesome! :)

I had to hop out bc this one wanted in on the fun. :) (don't let these pics fool you. Savannah Jane was a hot mess yesterday and almost led to me losing my sanity due to her non-napping coupled with her blood curdling screaming. Eek!)

Savannah Jane pulled up in the crib for the first time on her own. (Pretty sure this would have happened way earlier had she actually been sleeping in a real crib- she sleeps in a pack-n-play with no rails, etc)

Pulling up on everything for that matter. 
And following her big sister around like a shadow. Raleigh Grace is a GREAT sport 99% of the time. 

"Mommy sissy pull you hair" aka get her off me, she's pulling my hair! 

Finally Savannah Jane fell asleep in the swing. But that only lasted another 30 minutes. Raleigh Grace and I had a picnic of edamame, applesauce and water. Oh and Mac and cheese. (Super mom, right here ... Aka super tired mom!)

After daddy finally got home (at 10pm!!) I was able to put Raleigh Grace to bed and give this one a breathing treatment. Easiest BT ever- she was asleep all bit 5 minutes of it ha!

Passed out finally. 
After less than an hours worth of napping +daddy working late= a mamma that feels as tired as you look here hehe

Yesterday was a tough day but I am reminded how thankful I am for my great friends who texted me thought the day checking on me (Amy!) and my wonderful blog friends who I vented to and they offered support, and ESP to my family (specifically my mom) who FaceTime-d with us for hours last night... Playing, talking, watching me feed Savannah Jane, helping with Raleigh Grace ("listen to your mommy Raleigh Grace!" Hehe) and even reading bed time stories with us. 
Mom, thanks for always being there for us even when there are hundreds of miles between us. If you are reading this- I love you so much and appreciate all of your help, support, words of encouragement and the best listening ears ever! Xoxo
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