Thursday, January 16, 2014

Two Days Ago: A Perfect Day!

(Written 1/15/14)
Just a few thigs I wanted to remember. 

It was a wonderful wonderful day yet us girls never left the house. Daddy was working all day and we stayed home. 
We got up and while I was fixing cheese toast for Raleigh Grace she and Savannah Jane crawled around on the floor and played! Raleigh Grace's new thing is to crawl "like sissy". Savannah Jane is a crawling machine and literally played by herself or with Raleigh Grace for about 30 minutes. (Usually she crawls to my ankles and tug and whimper at them until I give in and pick her up.)  
Raleigh Grace was so helpful all day! She helped me do a couple loads of laundry and was in the best mood! We put sissy down for a nap and she and I slaved away! We unloaded the dish washer, re loaded it, washed and dried laundry. 
And when daddy got home she helped me prepare a yummy "sweet and spicy bacon wrapped chicken!" She watched as I laid out the chicken breasts, she helped me season them. And she tested the brown sugar for me a time or two. She cut open the bag of potatoes with her new scissors, dumped them in the pan, watched me boil water- we talked about what that meant, she watched me wrap the bacon and talked about not eating raw meat. She was so into it and just so very helpful. She was doing such a fabulous job we decided that we should make daddy some sweet tea. She helped me open the tea bags- she was somewhat fascinated with how they came out of the package and kept wanting to open more. She watched me boil more water, she watched closely what happened as I added the tea bags to the water (in a clear Pyrex measuring cup). I covered it to let them steep and she watched the condensation and we talked about the water droplets forming and also the steam as we opened it up. She measured the sugar and I poured it in since the water was so hot. She stirred it and then added a bowl of Ice for me. 
When everything was "done" I gave her two napkins to take to the table. I wish I would have taken a picture bc when I got there she had Opened the napkins all the way up like placemats and sat the silverware I had given her on top of them. 

It was such a sweet, fun night of learning and bonding. I'm so thankful for days like that! 

Savannah Jane woke up with these adorable finger prints on her face. 

Then got into Raleigh Grace's crayons. 

We ate come chocolate reindeer cookies for breakfast too hehe

Raleigh Grace took this picture of us after telling me to show her my cookie ha!

Savannah Jane opened a package from one of my favorite people in the world, Mallorie!!

Raleigh Grace modeling her new bracelet from Emma Claire!

Glitter Chapstick?!? She hit the jackpot!

Helping sissy put on some Chapstick. 

Taste testing broccoli. Who knew she loved it so much?! This was just out of the freezer! Ha

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  1. So sweet! You are such a good mama! And love that about the napkin/placemats! So smart!


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