Saturday, January 18, 2014

Sleep breakthrough?! (My "Not" Sleep Training Experience)

Sleep in our house for Savannah Jane and I has been pretty non existent. She has been waking every hour or two and I'm jus straight exhausted. She's 7.5 months old and should be sleeping much more by now. Here's my first real effort to help her learn to sttn! 

Midnight: laid her down in bed. Fussed for a little while, sat up crying, gave paci and laid her back down. She put herself to sleep cuddling blanket soon after. 
2:34 woke up crying and sat up. Gave her her paci, said night night time and laid her down with blanket. 
2:34/5 She screamed loud for less than a minute. Sat up and cried a few short cries on and off. 
2:37 sat back up & started fussing/crying louder. Gave paci & blanket & laid her back down and said night night time. She "complained" a couple of times. 
2:39 All is quiet & she's back asleep!!!! 
Praising God & continuing to pray for sleep. Karl didn't even wake up. Praying God surrounds us with angels & that he blocks out any way that the devil is trying to bring us down-be it anger or sickness or lack of sleep or anything else. Trusting in God!
2:57 I'm laying back down to try & get some sleep! Praying this is the breakthrough I've been praying for! I know God is faithful and hears AND answers my prayers! Feeling hopeful and overjoyed!!
4:15 quiet
4:19 screaming mad "mamma!"
4:23-25 quiet
27 crying, lay back down
29 screaming. Nurse. Feeling bad last nursed around 11 so maybe she was really hungry? She's a happy girl! 
4:44 sleep
At some point she woke up again and I nursed her. I was so tired I don't remember but I'm thinking it was around 7:15 this morning and maybe again around 9? We all got up at 10:45. 
Hoping that we made some progress last night and maybe tonight ill get a little more sleep. :) 

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