Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Nap Time Diary

Here's a funny nap time story for you. After I put her to bed she stayed in her crib awake and crying/talking for over an hour. I finally gave up and went in-- here's the story I shared with some friends:

Oh. My. Gosh. Y'all!

Went in bc Raleigh Grace was screaming for me....(After an hour of no nap in her room).And everything in her crib was soaking wet including herself. 
I left a sippy cup of water on the changing table next to her crib in case she got thirsty and apparent she went to town. I walked in and said, "what in the Sam Hill are you doing still awake?!" And she said very calmly, "play." Then started wining and telling me she had "boog-er" on her finger. I wiped the booker and she said "too wet."  When I asked what was too wet she started naming everything in her crib!!! I stated touching everything and First thought it was pee... And so I asked her "what happened?!?" And she pointed at her water cup. So I literally threw everything out of her crib onto the floor... Baby, dog, etc.., then as she's hiding bunny she said "bunt not too wet." I touched him and he was wet but not soaked like everything else. I told her to hold onto it and moved her from one end of the crib to the other while I took the sheets off. I was not going to let her win and get out of that crib! Ha! So I'm getting the sheets off and she says, "mommy, dry out?" Yes love... Drying out the sheets for you lol. She didn't take the lid off- she just squeezes the end of it and let's the water drip out. Smh. (I'm assuming that's what she did. For a LONG TIME to get that much water out. Ugh.) I was nice and put a new sheet on 😉 but all while she was still in the crib lol. 
Savannah Jane took a super short nap so She was getting sleepy. I laid her in pnp and she fell asleep during all of this ha. 
So I tell Raleigh Grace "I'm so mad that you poured water everywhere!" and in the sweetest demeanor ever she said, "sowee mommy!" Then while I was putting the sheet on she said "tank-ew mommy" She demanded "tee-nee milk" so I gave in and nursed her for a second and hopefully she's napping now. Wheph!
I'm convinced this is the age they are trying to stall hard core!!! Raleigh Grace is soooo good at it. They are testing us SOOOO much!

So there it is. Your crazy nap time diary. ;)

On top of that- k didn't get home till 8 after leaving this am around 7?  And as of tonight tiny miss Savannah Jane is running a 100.3 fever. She started getting snotty nose last night but all through the night she woke up a ton and you could hear her nose being SOOOO congested :(.  
Just praying hard for healing AND sleep!!

Oh and tonight we took the tree down. Anyone else's child get almost to the point of tears because they are so sad to take the tree down? No? Just mine?!
It was so sweet- Raleigh Grace just kept saying "no mommy! Man cut tree, member?!"  She loved watching the man trim the bottom of the tree off when we bought it and she has talked about it ever since. Since daddy was working so late she and I undecorated it together and Savannah Jane watched from the jumparoo. :) Raleigh Grace was so sweet and kept taking ornaments to Savannah Jane to "see" and "play with. She even hung them on the jumparoo for her lol. :)

PS- last night we went out to dinner with friends to celebrate k's 31st! We had a blast but I didn't take a single pic! I was also so pooped when we got home I decided to skip a post. Don't judge me ;) I need sleeeeep! Ha! 
Oh but I did this yesterday while Raleigh Grace was napping. I let Savannah Jane crawl after me and play with the bottles of nail polish to distract her ha! 

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