Thursday, January 2, 2014

New Year: New Approach

First of all: HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

I have avoided my blog for some time now based on the fact that "I'm behind and need to catch up;" or sometimes I use the excuse that "I just don't have time to write it down and make it quote-on-quote look pretty."
I have (obviously) not blogged since Savannah Jane was born (she's now 7 months old) and the thought of that absolutely kills me. I have weekly documentation of Raleigh Grace or the first year and a little beyond and it makes me sad that I just haven't had the time or energy to do that for Savannah Jane.
I'm done with excuses and I'm going to try my hardest to be better so that I don't miss out on these moments.

Here is the new approach--
I am planning to post as often as possible... Whether it be a quick blurb or a long story- my goal is to post.
I'm not going to worry about punctuation, and I'm not going to worry about the grammatical errors that I'm sure I will make.
This is going to be my little "organized" notepad to jot down moments that I don't want to ever forget.
I hope that you all will come back to read and look at pictures but if not that's okay too. What's most important is that I document our lives. Isn't that why I created this blog anyways?
Being silly making "serious faces" with the hubby- in the car on the way to our family lunch! Oh & sporting my new shades the hubby bought me for Christmas!! Wahoo!

Hope that you all had a wonderful New Year's Eve and New Years Day today! Happy 2014!!
My little princesses in their New Years dresses. 

January 1, 2014

Last night was rough. We all stayed up till midnight and around 1am we finally got the girls to bed. We stayed here last night and just watched the ball drop on tv then Raleigh Grace and I watched some people playing with sparklers outside from oh patio.
Around 2:30am Raleigh Grace woke up crying. And coughing. I tried to nurse her back to sleep (that works 99% of the time but she wasn't having any part of it. She would NOT go back to sleep- K and I both tried our magic and finally after she woke Savannah Jane up too I had K put her in her crib, tell her goodnight and leave. She eventually fell asleep after crying for only 5 or 10 minutes (seemed like hours) around 4am. Savannah Jane continued to get up every two-ish hours which is her norm. Raleigh Grace woke up at 8:30am fussing but I left her in her room and she finally went back to sleep. 10am we all got up- I showered and then we all went to ggdads for lunch. My aunt and cousin played with Raleigh Grace while K, GGdaddy (great Grandaddy) and Savannah Jane watched football. I hung out and managed to get a 30 minute nap. We left and came home to watch Baylor play ucf in their first ever BCS championship bowl game. It started at 8:30 and around 9 I put Raleigh Grace to bed. She was rerunning a fever so I gave her some
Ibuprofen and some cold medicine for her yucky cough. (She seemed fine all day until we got home
She started acting miserable.) she fell asleep easily but has woken up twice. The first time I didn't go in bc I didn't want another night like last night. Most recently she woke around 1:30am and she wouldn't calm down so I nursed her and she went back to sleep. Praying for more sleep tonight than last.
Oh and Baylor lost. So majorly bummed!!!

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  1. Happy to see you blogging again lady!! I love seeing all the pictures and hearing about y'alls cute little family! Hope RG is starting to feel better!! xo


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