Saturday, January 4, 2014


Welp. I took her to urgent care today. 
Not before first visiting the minute clinic and seeing there was an "extended wait" and probably 15 people who had the flu and were wanting to pass it on...
We walked out. I was tired. It was nap time. I wanted to go home but Raleigh Grace demanded "no, doctor, now"... Clearly she was feeling crummy if she begged to go to the doctor (she does love her pedi so maybe she was thinking we were going there?) at this point she was also coughing more and crying every time she coughed. 

What made me decide to take her- she woke up with a fever again (day 2.5), her snot was yellow instead of clear like yesterday, and I didn't want her getting worse over the weekend. I called her pedi first and all the docs there were booked till Monday. Well I wasn't going to wait that long. 

I sucked it up and decide to take her for a "quick" visit to urgent care then rush home to squeeze in the nap that she (read I) so desperately needed. 
As I was looking for the exact location on google maps a "Children's Urgent Care" immediately popped up! I really felt like this was a God send. I watched the clock as it struck 4:45 and prayed we would get there before 5 when I assumed they would be closing. We pulled in the parking lot at 10 till and ran right in. To my surprise the hours on the door read, "10-10!" Yes! 
There was one little girl there when we arrived but they called her back while I was filling out paperwork and we were the only ones there the rest of the time. After I got the paperwork done the wait was less than 5 minutes! While we were "waiting" they provided Disney Princess coloring pages along with a box of 4 crayons! Like where do you get that service besides restaurants ;) ?

We went back and dun dun dun ...
She was the "shy-est" I've ever seen and almost unresponsive while the doctor took her vitals.  It was like she was in a zone. The doc immediately noticed a rattle in her breathing on both sides of her back.  
Bronchialitis it is. No, I'm not misspelling Bronchitis either ha!
It is similar to bronchitis but only occurs in infants/young children and is more serious just because they are younger and their bronchioles (which are small tubes in the lungs & are even smaller in kids) are inflamed. 

They immediately gave her an Albuterol breathing treatment and her own nebulizer to take home... Get this... It is a hot pink butterfly- that comes with stickers so she can decorate it!! She wasn't as thrilled as I had expected but by this point it was way beyond nap time and she was very "cautious" with this new doctor/office. Oh! and they gave her an ipad to play on during the treatment- that was hit. 

After the breathing treatment they did a "deep suction" of her nose. Made me want to cry. I held her in my lap while a few nurses held her down as they stuck a small tube up her nose and wiggled it around as this machine was literally sucking all the gunk out. She cried and was just pitiful. It took awhile to calm her. I really don't think it helped that much considering when I put her down for bed tonight she couldn't breathe again. :'(
They packed us up and we headed home with our goodies.  We stopped at "Tar-go" (target in Raleigh Grace talk) to pick her prescription up and grab a few other things. She got to pick out a few goodies for being such an angel! We at dinner with "Dah-dee" and Sissy and came home. We are all exhausted and praying for sleep. As I type Raleigh Grace had woken 4 times since I put her to sleep at 11pm and its now 2am. :( I haven't gone in but I hear her cough followed by whimpering and crying. Thankfully she's gone back to sleep. 
She's saying thanks for the prayers!! (Cheeze and two thumbs up!!!)

In other news Savannah Jane was super cuddly today and I ate it up! 
She gave us a fight going to bed tonight though. She's been having tummy issues so we gave her prunes tonight and she ate two containers. Little bit was gassy gassy at bedtime. :(

I'm ready to have my healthy- good sleeping- babes back. This mamma is beyond tired. 
We were in survival mode this am- YoGabba trance lol!

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