Monday, January 6, 2014

A Restful Day

I'm ashamed that this is the only pic I took today but in reality today was a great day. 
K seriously has spoiled me this weekend and I couldn't be more thankful! He let me sleep in again this morning and I didn't get out of bed until noon! 
Then when I finally got Raleigh Grace down for her nap around 4:30 I layed down and took an hour and a half nap too and he watched Savannah Jane! 

We did a lot of laying around today and little cleaning up. Raleigh Grace is about the same but maybe feeling a tad better. K said that her nose wasn't as runny when she got up this morning but after a few hours it was back to running a lot. She is still doing her breathing treatments every four hours. It seems as though she isn't coughing as much lately. Yay!
(She slept thorough the night last night too!!! Now if I can only get Savannah Jane to do the same hehe!)

We went to dinner at one of our favorites- Qdoba. Raleigh Grace ate well and was even climbing and playing. 
We had to run by target afterwards to get diapers and exchange a duplicate gift she received. 
K and I let her pick "any" toy she wanted... It was too funny- she would play with a toy for a few minutes and I'd ask, "Is that the toy you want to buy?" And we response every time was, "sure!" Haha! We finally settled on a little cat that purrs, meows, and walks. She loves it! I asked her its name and she said "meow meow" ha! (That's what she calls all cats!). Meow-meow watched us during shower time tonight and even wore a secon nebulizer mask while Raleigh Grace was getting her BT ha! 

After both girls went to sleep tonight k and I did a little cleaning up. He worked on cleaning up the Christmas presents (that were scattered all under/around the Christmas tree) and I picked up our room. Just having our room "picked up" makes me feel so much happier! :)

Savannah Jane is doing great. Praying she stays healthy during this time of sickness in our home. :) oh and that maybe, just maybe, one night she will start sleeping through the night!! :)

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