Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Savannah Jane's first snow! {& Weekend Wrap Up}

And I have no pics to show (just yet...). I took a few on my dslr so maybe eventually ill make the time to upload them. We got literally JUST an inch. I was a little bummed it wasn't more but thankful at the same time bc K has to work regardless. 

"Quick" recap from the weekend and update one Savannah Jane's sleep...
Friday and Saturday she slept till 5:30am and 4:30 am! (From about 11 the night before!) this was the most sleep we had seen since the first couple of months of her life. Both nights she slept in the swing. Sunday and Monday night she was up quite a bit as she was back in our room. Trying to decide if its our room or just the swing ;) -tonight she is back in the swing. She went down around 9:30p and was up at 11:30p-ish and I nursed her. She didn't go riiiight to sleep but she finally did fall back asleep without a fight. Almost like she was in a trance! (Again- in the swing). 

Oh and Raleigh Grace has been so sweet as always- We had bible study today. Came home and was getting lunch ready when I hear Raleigh Grace in the other room " one two, this is the truth, God loves me and God loves.... SISSY!"

Melt my heart sweet girl! 
Helping with dinner! She loves to help cook, clean, etc! :)

Double bath time. Always fun! 
Sadly, Savannah Jane is still yanking on that ear! We go back Thursday for her SIX MONTH well visit and he will check her ears again! (Yes, she's now EIGHT months. Eek! Too many sick visits- we are finally getting in for a well one!)

K snapped this tonight after I had nursed her and she fell right asleep on me. Her little hand was rubbing my arm. So sweet! I eat her up daily!! 

And both girls napped AT THE SAME TIME today for... Get this... THREE HOURS (Savannah Jane) and FOUR HOURS (Raleigh Grace!). I was able to clean up, make some lunch, SIT DOWN to eat it, and make this matching shirt for Savannah Jane for valentines day!! :) I ha already made the one for Raleigh Grace ;)   . 

Yesterday (Monday) Raleigh Grace and I went to the park because it was 60° hehe 

Sunday (26th): We went to our church for the first time as a family since Savannah Jane was born! It was wonderful! We ate at Panda Express and k surprised Raleigh Grace with a (cold) trip to the park! It was a beautiful but chilly day!
Savannah Jane turned 8 months old and also cut her FIRST TOOTH!!!!!!!

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  1. y'all are so cute!! i'm sorry for the sleep issues...i know that's been so tough!


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