Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Go Hubby, Go Hubby!

Hey hubby, you've been a show off today! And I love you! 
Thanks for all you do for me! Xoxo

Get ready... This is going to be all over the place...

I'm so super spoiled by my AMAZING hubby.... He came home to help me get the girls ready for bible study.... And he brought me Starbucks!!!!! 😍

Then after lots of nagging about the DVDs he decided to bite the bullet and put them in a book! I then started feeling bad and told him to just leave them but he said no, he didn't mind getting rid of the cases...

And DONE! He looks so sad :'(

In other news Savannah Jane still isn't sleeping and this whole "give her her paci, blanket, lay her down and say nite nite" has resulted in her screaming for an hour the last two nights- last night k had to move to the couch :(. 
Tonight we put her down at 8:30p (3 hours ago) and she has already woken up three times. She did go right back to sleep so that's good I guess :-/. 

Oh and she had yobaby yogurt for the first time today. She LOVED it! Seriously loved! And screamed when she finished it and I threw it away. Like mad crying screaming. Crazy girl! 
Hilarious face while chewing the spoon lol!
And found this in my hair tonight. Thanks Raleigh Grace hehe. I had forgotten she gave it to me this afternoon. Heheh 

And I spent nap time doing this: okay really only spent 20ish minutes. 


  1. WOW! Love that day. Husband bringing Starbucks is an ultimate day for me!


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