Sunday, January 5, 2014

Bronchiolitis: Day Two

Aiming for short and sweet tonight. I'm too tired for anything else. Still in survival mode & thankful it's the weekend. 

-I was up LITERALLY every hour last night. 
-I didn't get to sleep until around 3:30am  
-the power went off at 4 and turned the sound machine off and woke up Raleigh Grace. Sigh. 
-went in to nurse her back to sleep and it worked. 
-k got up with the girls around 10 and let me sleep till noon. 
-Raleigh Grace did a breathing treatment 
-my hubby is a saint!!
-met up with Donna for lunch. 
-Raleigh Grace did a breathing treatment. 
-put her down for a short nap
-woke up 
-set up easel
-played with dress up things
-did a breathing treatment 
-gave the girls a bath & Raleigh Grace painted wille Savannah Jane played with her new whale from granny that swims, squirts water and lights up!
-k put Savannah Jane to bed
-k made dinner 
-again he's a saint!
-k read to Raleigh Grace 
-I attempted to put her to sleep and she was so fighting and stalling. (Pulling my hair, asking to blow her poor nose, sitting up, throwing bunny, the list goes on). When I left she didn't give up the fight. She cried and eventually started shouting MA!!! MA!!! MOM-EEEEE! So I went in. I nursed her and layed her back down and she cried again but eventually went to sleep. :)
K and I enjoyed some adult time just sitting on the couch not having to worry about the kids. It was quite nice. :)

We can't have bath time without pumpkin painting. Looking forward to Easter ;)

I'm ready for warm weather, Healthy kids, and sleep!!! 

The little things I loved from today-
-watching Raleigh Grace place her mask back on her face when it fell off. So grown up. (We have her "suit up" or "mask up" when it's treatment time. We explained she gets to wear this mask like the football players do. She seems somewhat amused.)
-her noticing my socks had moons on them and getting so excited. 
-watching Raleigh Grace play peek-a-boo with sissy while daddy was feeding SJ in the high chair. Sissy grinning and giggling with so much delight and Raleigh Grace smiling from ear to ear. 
-watching Raleigh Grace prance around in her high heels and jewerly and seeing her face the first time she saw herself in the mirror all dressed up. 
-watching Savannah Jane crawl like she's a pro. Following us or Raleigh Grace around. 
-k asking Raleigh Grace "ready for bath time?" And Raleigh Grace saying "noooa!! Not red-e!" Then k saying "you aren't ready to go PAINT in the bathtub?!" She immediately said "no! Yes! I do!" Haha
-watching the excitement in Raleigh Grace's eyes as I pulled the humidifier out of and explained that we were going to set it up in HER room!! It was like Christmas all over! She was so excited she wanted to get out of the bath immediately and set it up ha!
-giggles from Savannah Jane when k nuzzles his head in her belly. 
And last but not least...
-saying our prayers tonight and her listing people she thanked God for, "Dah, sissy, ME, Mom-ee.....(Pause)... Granpaw, Granmaw, (then she went back to Grandpa again) Granpaw Linsee, (then back to Granmaw) Granmaw.... (Pause) ...don't member" 
I died laughing inside and asked "You don't remember grandma?" "No." "Yes, you do! We saw her when we saw Jackson an Drew and Donney Penay the other day." (She nods) and I say very matter-of-factly, "you know Grandma!" And she responds, "don't 'member"! Hahaha

And because this shot for this am was just too funny NOT to share hehe 

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