Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Epic Parenting

Oh you know... Just another epic day in the books. Another epic parenting moment... 

Raleigh Grace fell out of the crib and 
Savannah Jane fell off the bed. 
They are both okay and so am I... And before you call the authorities on me...

We had a fun day playing with aunt Donna, eating at Panera, a trip to "Tar-go" (Target) then playing some more (yes- without nap today).  Raleigh Grace was calmly playing in her crib, reading some books... She stood up and was telling me what book she wanted while leaning over the crib rail pointing it out to me. She (in slow motion) did a flip over the side of the rail that was in the down position. She whimpered mainly from being startled but was thankfully not hurt at all. She DEMANDED that I "put rail up" after that. Poor baby! 

And Savannah Jane... Well she was under the hubby's care- he was merely being helpful before putting her to bed. I had told him she had a wet diaper and he was changing a wet (what turned out to only be damp) diaper. He had his body against the bed and literally just turned around (to the changing table behind him to get a wipe) and she rolled down his legs onto the floor. They were both a little shaken up but she calmed down within moments.

Thankful for tough children and God for watching over them and us during this adventure we are living called parenthood! 
A little shopping at Tar-go

Savannah Jane's first baguette from Panera (she was sooo happy & loved it!! Can you tell?! Ha!)


  1. Bahaha! No worries. Brooks fell off the couch when he was fairly young and he also fell off of our bed probably around SJ's age. Babies gotta be tough! ;)

  2. Did she eat all of that??? Drake seems to have a strong gag reflex which I'm not looking forward to. :( He's not had anything but baby food, except last night I gave him tiny bites of mashed potatoes off my plate and he almost gagged on a bite of that. Maybe it was the sticky texture? And yeah, unfortunately those things happen with the falls, but thankfully they weren't hurt. Drake rolled out of his bouncy seat the other day when I stepped out of the room for a second. I even put a blanket in front of him just in case, but he had a balloon which he dropped to the side and he rolled to get it so the blanket did no good. But yeah, babies are tough! :)

  3. hahaha! LOVE this post. adeline fell off changing table when she was younger and i caught her with my leg, only to slow down her falling...and she fell down a couple stairs to our basement (at the very bottom) as well. I called my mom both times crying. lol ;)


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