Thursday, January 16, 2014

Yesterday: A Not So Perfect Day

(Written 1/15/14)
Playing bc her only nap was 20 minutes. 
Tired mamma! 

See! Proof she's still tired too! She screamed sooo long and hard fighting nap but never fell back asleep. It was awuful. Like I was nervous the neighbors were going to call the cops! 

And she's still pulling on her poor ears and wheezing some. :( 

When I got this cutie up from her nap
She had her socks on as mittens and a shirt (she reached off the changing table) around her waist as a skirt. She wouldn't let me take either off but especially the skirt ha!

Lots of days I just want to hop in her crib and lay down with her after her nap. Today I did. She nursed, I relaxed. It was awesome! :)

I had to hop out bc this one wanted in on the fun. :) (don't let these pics fool you. Savannah Jane was a hot mess yesterday and almost led to me losing my sanity due to her non-napping coupled with her blood curdling screaming. Eek!)

Savannah Jane pulled up in the crib for the first time on her own. (Pretty sure this would have happened way earlier had she actually been sleeping in a real crib- she sleeps in a pack-n-play with no rails, etc)

Pulling up on everything for that matter. 
And following her big sister around like a shadow. Raleigh Grace is a GREAT sport 99% of the time. 

"Mommy sissy pull you hair" aka get her off me, she's pulling my hair! 

Finally Savannah Jane fell asleep in the swing. But that only lasted another 30 minutes. Raleigh Grace and I had a picnic of edamame, applesauce and water. Oh and Mac and cheese. (Super mom, right here ... Aka super tired mom!)

After daddy finally got home (at 10pm!!) I was able to put Raleigh Grace to bed and give this one a breathing treatment. Easiest BT ever- she was asleep all bit 5 minutes of it ha!

Passed out finally. 
After less than an hours worth of napping +daddy working late= a mamma that feels as tired as you look here hehe

Yesterday was a tough day but I am reminded how thankful I am for my great friends who texted me thought the day checking on me (Amy!) and my wonderful blog friends who I vented to and they offered support, and ESP to my family (specifically my mom) who FaceTime-d with us for hours last night... Playing, talking, watching me feed Savannah Jane, helping with Raleigh Grace ("listen to your mommy Raleigh Grace!" Hehe) and even reading bed time stories with us. 
Mom, thanks for always being there for us even when there are hundreds of miles between us. If you are reading this- I love you so much and appreciate all of your help, support, words of encouragement and the best listening ears ever! Xoxo

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