Friday, January 3, 2014

"Poop SO bad!"

Today was a little rough. Raleigh Grace still was feeling crummy so we laid around pretty much all day long.
For the FIRST TIME EVER Raleigh Grace sat through an entire movie/show and watched the whole thing! In fact we even watched it three times today. Yes, it was THAT good! WINNIE THE POOH! My absolute favorite from my childhood, and how I measured all road trips--"mom, how many more Winnie the Pooh tapes until we get there?" :) anyways - k came home from work and brought me firehouse subs for a late lunch. He got Savannah Jane down for a nap and Raleigh Grace was watching tv while I attempted to get some rest (did I mention I was up almost every hour last night with one baby or the other. 😔) I was so so so tired. Anyways- just as I was dozing off k got a phone call and had to go back out to work. And that woke Savannah Jane. Ugh. My sweet friend Mallorie came to tr rescue and saved me from my screaming infant and ornery tired sick toddler by face timing with us. Almost instantly Raleigh Grace was happy as a lark and literally jumping on the bed and turning pulling the light switch on the fan turning the lights on and off. 
Friends really are the best medicine! Thanks for the pick-me-up this evening. I know I needed it!! 
Raleigh Grace is asleep. Savannah Jane is asleep. K is asleep. It's 1:34am and so I should probably be asleep too. 

(Ps- called doc. He's on vacay till Monday. Couldn't see another doc till tom afternoon. Decided fever might be from teething? (Cutting two year molars- has one ready). Hoping cough and super runny, clear, nose drainage is from allergies? She's always had them bad- just refilled her prescription today for them and gave her a dose at bedtime. She's been out for weeks. Cough maybe from drainage? Spoke with triage nurse.  Nurse told us to go ahead and give Tylenol and some other prescription meds she got a few months back. Going to see if she gets better over the weekend- we have an appointment next Thursday or Savannah Jane's six month visit and hopefully Raleigh Grace will be well by then or else I'll be taking her in before that.)

Oh! The title?! Here goes! 
I put Raleigh Grace to bed around 10. Poor thing was so so tired but went down without a fight for a change. 
11 she wakes screaming. I went back an forth on whether or not to go get her, mainly bc I didn't want to create a habit of going in (even though she is sick). The crying continued and K even came and asked if I heard her. 
So I HAD to go in. K came and asked did I hear Raleigh Grace crying and I told him I didn't want to go in. He gave me this look and said he felt bad bc she is sick. I go in and before I'm even to the crib she exclaims in a crying screaming pathetic voice : "POOP SO BAD!" Hahahah she had pooped a HUGE "adult poop" in her diaper and needed changing lol! I had to turn the light on and she said "too bright"- I finished that then nursed her for 2.5 seconds and she was back asleep. 
I told Karl the "poop story" and I thanked him for nudging me to go in.
He high fived me! :'-D
Three super tired girls this morning. 
My pitiful sickie :'(
This little bit has learned to get on her knees and scream to get out. :-/
Goodnight world!! :-D

OH!!! And tonight Savannah Jane STARTED CRUISING on the coffee table while K was watching her! What?!? Can't believe it!!


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  1. Sleepy girls! Hope everyone gets better sleep this weekend. Just food for thought, I always thought a fever could be related to teething too, but I mentioned it to the ped one time and he said that's usually not the case. Hmmm...

    And that poop never fails that when you don't want to go in b/c their crying and you think they can just soothe themselves, it ends up being a massive diaper that needs to be changed. At least you went in! :)


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