Saturday, January 18, 2014

We Have a Climber!

This officially happened once yesterday (1/16/15) but every time I turned my back today (1/17/15) she was climbing up in this chair! 
It's a good thing Raleigh Grace is the sweetest big sister ever and when asked "can you share with sissy?" Her response is almost always (in the sweetest voice ever), "suuuure!!! Share sissy!" 
Praying that they will always love sharing everything that they have and they might be best friends forever! Thank you God for these two precious gifts and their abundant love for each other even at such a young age! I pray that it only grows deeper with time!! Amen!

And I'll save THE BEST for last!! Look at this fearless girl!!! :-O!! 
(That's my blurry hand spotting her ha!) 

Oh and one more thing... She actually played by herself again today... For like 10 minutes!! Thank you little people & your castles! 

1 comment:

  1. Haha! Sweet girls! And crazy climber! I'm actually really surprised B hasn't done this with our chair like that!!! H is happy to share stuff right now, too. I am assuming that will eventually come to an end and I'm dreading it!!! :(


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