Sunday, January 12, 2014

Weekend Wrap-Up!

First of all, I'd like to say thanks so much for everyone who has been sending up prayers for our family. I finally feel like I can say with confidence that everyone in our home is feeling a little better. Raleigh Grace is back to her spunky self. Savannah Jane can now half way breathe without coughing a lung up (this was not the case yesterday. Great improvement today!) and my sinuses no longer feel like they are going to spontaneously combust. 

(Going back a few days I just realized I never blogged about Savannah Jane being SO sick. Fever, nassssty cough and super runny nose! I've been so tired and so mentally and physically exhausted -to the point of tears-I just didn't make time I guess. Savannah Jane was supposed to have a well visit on Thursday this past week but I had to cancel when she had been running a fever two days straight. We got an appointment for Wednesday and she tested negative for RSV (Praise The Lord!) but she was diagnosed with the same -virus causing-Bronchiolitis that Raleigh Grace has (surprise, surprise). She also has a double ear infection (ouch!). They put her on the breathing treatments (Albuterol 1.5 oz three times daily- Friday increased to every 4-6hours as needed since she wasn't getting better), Advil 1.25ml every 6hrs and amoxicillin 3.75 ml twice a day. 
Savannah Jane weighed 14lbs 14oz and is 7.5 months old. (13th percentile) )
Poor pitiful on Thursday night.
We've had a great weekend. Not doing much but that's fine too. 

Friday, we went to my favorite little seafood restaurant with my sit and GGdaddy. 
Getting out of the house Friday night made us all feel better!!

Ready to go!

Pushing GG out!

Saturday, K slept with Savannah Jane and got up with her throughout he night so I could sleep. I slept from about 1:30-5:30a and it was absolutely amazing. At 5:30 Raleigh Grace woke up crying so I went in and nursed her back to sleep. At 6:30 K brought Savannah Jane to me and I fed her and then went back to sleep. I don't think any of us got out of bed until around noon. 
I made breakfast and we layed around the house all day. We literally didn't leave the house all day. Raleigh Grace only took an hour and a half nap compared to her usual 3-4 hour nap. She was so tired that she went to bed around 8:45pm that might seem late but we are night owls and usually don't get to bed until between 10 to 11p. K and I tried to watch a movie but Savannah Jane kept waking up. He made some cookies and when she finally fell asleep around 12:30a he and I watched Bride Wars and ate cookies. It was a wonderful little date night in (even if it was super late!) Savannah Jane slept GREAT!!! Are you ready for this... I nursed her around 11:30p? She fell asleep around 12:45s  she didn't wake up until 5:30a!!!!!!!!! This is HUGE!!!!! For MONTHS I haven't gotten more than two hours of sleep at a time and more recently its been more like an hour and a half at a time. She slept awesome as a newborn but since around three months old it's just been down hill. I have been begging God for rest and I felt soooo relieved to have woken up and it be morning!! Thanks for your prayers & let's pray this trend continues tonight and beyond!! K joked it was all due to him sleep training her the night before ha! (She wake every two hours and he gave a small bottle but no other "training" was involved. Lol) 
The girls did the dishes after dinner ;) 

Heavens to Betsy!! That ponytail!!

Her first drink out of a faucet ha!

Today, we again stayed in bed until around 11am. Went to Qdoba for lunch and then went to PawPaws house. The weather was so nice we took a walk around the neighborhood / it was sunny and 66°! (Rg rode in the infant seat part of the way :-P) 

We came home and got some food to feed the ducks. Raleigh Grace was so excited! The last time we took her she was so young she didn't remember I don't think. We went to the cemetery where the "duck pond" is with a pack of saltines and Raleigh Grace had the time of her life.  (Those pics are on my big camera). 
It was the first time as a mom that I've seen death and thought about how sweet and innocent Raleigh Grace is. It's hard to explain but it made me treasure her innocence and dread the day that death becomes a "real thing" for her. She loved looking at the ducks and  all the flowers, Christmas trees, little solar butterflies that changed colors, etc that were decorating the graves. To her they were just decorations. 
This also happens to be the cemetery where my grandmother, both of k's grandparents, k's sister and my dad are buried. I hate that one day my girls will have to deal with the sting of death but thankful that through the cross we can have everlasting life. 
After feeding the ducks we met my stepmom and brother for dinner. Sj tried lemons  and avocados for the first time. She liked the lemons much more than the avocado ha!  It was a great end to a great weekend. We are so blessed to have some of our family near us! 
First avocado face. 
Helpin a sista out hehe

First Lemon face!


  1. They are so precious! Glad to see you blogging again. It's so scary & sad to see them sick when they're little. Love RG's monogrammed sweat shirt.

  2. Hahaha - well, looks like Karl gets to continue sleep-training then since it worked so well! ;)


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