Tuesday, September 17, 2013

"The Blessing Box" link up!

Hey friends!! Ill admit- I'm on vacation this week and my blogging is going to be short and sweet due to only having access to the blogger app (and me not planning ahead and scheduling his post, oops). 

(Check out www.the-happyhome.blogspot.com for the link up!! :) as well as all the other co-hosts of this great link up.  I have no idea how to use HTML from the blogger app... :-P ) 

This week I have so much to be thankful for...
- I'm Thankful for all of the fun memories we have with K's grandma. She went to the hospital three or four weeks ago with a pain in her neck and was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer. We have been so blessed that we were able to take a trip to Arkansas this weekend to introduce Grandma to Miss Savannah Jane. I really don't have words for these sweet moments we had with her. She reminded me of how beautiful my girls and I were and how much she enjoyed getting the (Instagram) pictures I sent her of the girls daily. Hospice was called this week and we are praying for minimal pain and suffering. (Thank YOU for joining us in prayer- this is a very difficult time for our family- and this is K's last living grandparent). 
-Thankful for the resources to travel with my family in times of need. 
-and last but certainly NOT least... I am 
SOOO sooo happy & thankful for my  sweet sister who's getting married on SATURDAY!!!! 

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  1. What a tough time for the family. My Grandpa was told he had allergies right up until they done a CT Scan and determined it was 4th stage lung cancer. Prayers for her and the whole family.

    Safe travels my friend!


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