Monday, January 7, 2013

Baby #2: 21 Weeks!

Woah, I hate that I have let so many weeks go by without documenting! I guess I've been a little busy these days with the Christmas and New Year holidays! :)
21 weeks means a couple of things-- a)I'm over half way there (I HOPE!! Raleigh Grace was 9 days late, let's pray this baby is a little more prompt?) b) I am 5 months, one week pregnant (woah!) c) I only have 4ish months left to go... holy molley!!! 


December 29-January 4
Here is what we have been up to this week: (written 1/6)

Weight Gain:  I go for a Dr. appointment tomorrow but I think I'm still sitting at about 10 under
***update 1/7/13:  I had lost one pound since my last appointment so I am down right at 10 lbs.  The dr said my stomach was measuring "perfect" and as long as I wasn't skipping meals then my weight loss was fine.  :) Baby's heart rate was 160 and my bp was 120/60.  I got a great report that my pregnancy was "perfect"... why thank yah doc! ***

Maternity Clothes : My jeans both maternity and non still fall off of me... I def. have a bump now but I guess my fatty love handles that used to hold my jeans up aren't there as much as before.  My shirts and even t-shirts are def. getting tight on the tummy! I tend to be bundled up in my North Face when we go anywhere so its funny to actually show off my "bump"- even my family and friends can't believe my bump pics bc they don't get to see it in real life ;) 

Sleep: I've still been staying up way too late but sleeping amazingly! (All but one night two nights ago when I had horrible allergies)

Best Moment of this week: Today we celebrated K's 30th bday{!!!!} which was fun, then we went over to our friends house to watch the Redskins... sad about RGIII's injury and them ultimately losing but we had fun letting the kids play together and having some fun with friends.  
oh, and bringing in the New Year... totally non-eventful ha! minus one part... see next section ;) 

Movement:  So, what I thought was a kick at 18 weeks definitely was!! At 19 weeks there was a lot of movement and even more by this week! I love every bit of it! On New Years Day K felt the baby move for the 1st time!!!!!!! A fun moment for both of us!

Food cravings:  I really can't think of anything-- for New Years I realllly wanted some greens with vinegar (and the whole New Years meal for that matter) but I didn't finally get them until today.  Delish!  I seem to get full much quicker this week. 

Food Aversions: The same things I guess. 

What I miss: nothing :)

Symptoms: The baby has started kicking my bladder, yikes!  More "growing pains." A growing belly! and burping. still.  My headaches are GONE!! Feeling like I need to pee all the time. (I've been drinking way more h20 too- go me!) Getting full quicker.
(Totally not baby symptoms but the past 3 days this week I struggled with MAJOR head congestion/stopped up nose/sinus pressure -- which equalled horrible headaches. I was miserable and one night slept almost none.  Luckily, I am feeling a little better as of this am!)

Gender: We will share soon- I know I keep saying that... I'm actually starting to feel bad that we haven't shared yet.  Can I be honest here? I really want to take a cute  gender reveal picture and post it and I really haven't had the time and the weather has been rainy and cold. Not really picture taking weather.  If I can't get this done soon I promise I'll just reveal.  Thanks for being patient with me :) .... or of course I could keep it a SECRET until baby is born!?! That could be fun!!! heheh

What I'm looking forward to: Our schedule slowing down a bit... we have been sooo busy. My doc appointment tomorrow. and MAINLY: spring/{early}SUMMER. That is my number 1 craving right now-- warm weather and the BEACH.  I'm so ready! I'm ready to throw on a bikini (for the last time this year probably since I'll have a majorly flabby belly post May) and lay out!! Please be a short winter!

 Baby bump: 

Oh, and if you're curious... here is my 21 week post while I was pregnant with RG :) 


  1. Girl- you look FABULOUS!! Pregnancy definitely suits you! I hope you get to do that gender reveal pictures soon because I'm dying to know!! :)

  2. You look great!! Can't wait to find out the gender!!

  3. You look fantastic! Love the backdrop, is that a shower curtain? I want to know what you are having too!! :)


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