Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year, 2013!

I can't say that last night was very exciting for our little family of three.  We put Raleigh Grace to sleep around 10pm and then I did my best to keep the hubs awake (unsuccessfully).  He was adamant on wanting to stay awake so about a minute before the ball dropped I shook him awake so he could count down with me.  We kissed and went to bed.  Super exciting huh?  
This past year has been a good year as a family of three but I am looking forward to becoming a family of FOUR next year.  :)  The number 13 is my favorite number so this year is bound to be good, right?!

Here is a glimpse into our New Years Eve last year vs. this year: 

New Years Eve 2012
How we are bringing in the new year... Party in the bath tub!!! Believe it or not this is her excited face!! She loves when we have water squirter wars!!

Bringing in the New Year at GGDaddy's house!
Her fancy outfit from Aunt Donna P!
"2012 My First New Years"
...and what exactly we were doing on this day in 2012? We had just driven to Orlando, Florida (yes, with a 2 month old!) for a family vacation with K's family at Walt Disney World!! Oh how I wish we could be back there right now! Instead I'm sitting on the couch with my hubby while RG naps, watching football.  I'll take that too! 
On the way to Cinderella's Castle at 6am to have breakfast with  ALL of the princesses...
Raleigh Grace was dressed up as Belle (the CUTEST Belle ever at that!), and her cousins were Aurora, Snow White and Rapunzel. 
The big girls in front of Cinderella's Castle
Princess Belle and Daddy

I hope you all have a wonderful day today, and happy 2013!! 


  1. Happy New Year! I love all of the pics of RG from last year! Man, do they grow fast! I am so excited to hear your news about baby #2! I'm so impressed that you have kept it a secret this long!

  2. Wow, Miss RG sure was fancy last year! :) What are those foam letters in the bathtub? Just that? Foam letters? Haha, I might have answered my own question. I'm in search of bath toys for Chloe to keep her entertained. Can't wait to hear how 2013 treats you and your family!


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