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RG by the Week: 32 & 33 Weeks

I seriously can not get over how cute she is!! And SO big already!!

playing in the water
her first "drip castle!"
I thought this was too cute even though she blinked... you can just see pure JOY in her face!
she just LOVED picking up the dry sand and watching it fall through her fingers- she was covered in sand and eventually ate some of it too
her first look at the ocean this trip
her first time really playing in the ocean... she was so cute chewing on her hand and picking up her feet and splashing 
checking out the water
on the swing :) 

I'm ready for the beach!!

May 22-28
May 29-June 4

These two weeks have been both busy and a lot of fun! Your aunt Elizabeth has been here visiting and boy have we had a great time! You are happy ALL the time and having sooo much fun trying to explore and scoot around... :) We had sooo much fun at the beach and boy did you love it!! You really are the Squirmy-wormy your daddy named you almost 8 months ago! 

On June 5th I had to take you to the doctor because you have had a diaper rash that started about a week ago and has spread up to your belly, chest and legs.  It ends up that you had a yeast rash and that your rash on your belly and legs was just exima related.  The doctor said that you had very sensitieve skin but there was a chance you could grow out of that as you get older.  She gave you some antibiotics and suggested we start giving you some yogurt.  All of this to say:
You weighed in at 15 lbs and 12 oz's !!! You had a wet diaper on so your actual weight is probably several ounces less.  

Pulled up on K's shirt all by yourself (5/23)
Tried Mangos and liked them fine
You hate squash... we couldn't even get you to finish it (this is a FIRST!)
You have started to scoot on your bottom to get to toys you want (5/24)
You had dippin dots for the first time and loove loved them (you are obsessed with icecream!)
pulling up on your own in your crib (5/31), and on the couch and on just about anything you can get your hands on
You are walking with us holding your hands much better
You are always chewing on your gums & licking your new tooth
You can curl your tongue & you often do this while sticking it out
You squint up your nose when you are really happy :)
You rolled over from back to belly for the first time
You have started to whisper
You try to do Donald duck voice like pop does (5/27)
you are making all kinds of new "sounds" (and faces) saying yaaaaa taaaa and maah mah
you are now "scooting" or army crawling on your belly
you are VERY observant and GREAT eye sight- you will focus on the smallest hair or fuzz or piece of grass on the floor and GO for it! You also try and grab the grain in the hard wood floors and scratch at it ;)
you are "cruising"- holding on to the couch and walking down to get something you want
you have a TOOTH!!
you can KISS: when we make a kiss noise you will do it back (melts my heart!)(5/27)

you are still a great eater and boy do you like to eat! You are nursing still every 4ish hours and sometimes once or twice during the night.  During the day you also have two meals- one around lunch and one around dinner.  I am thinking about adding in a morning meal as well.  Sometimes with lunch you have rice cereal mixed in with your food.  We were also told to start giving you baby yogurt to help with your yeast diaper rash so we plan on doing that sometime to. 

Hit or Miss.  I suppose that is totally normal at this point in your life because you were teething (though we didn't know it, and for all I know you might still be teething working on some more teeth.)  You usually nurse when you are going to sleep (you and I lay in the bed in your room) and you hold on to your bunny.  When you stop nursing I usually slip your passy in your mouth and pick you up and take you to your crib.  Most of the time this works and you stay asleep/ fall asleep when I lay you down but occasionally you startle and want to sit up and I can not for the life of me get you to settle down.  You have been fighting sleep a few nights these past few weeks... maybe you just like giving me a run for my money ha!  You will sleep about 5 hours and then wake up- I have tried once or twice to get you to fall back asleep giving you your passy but it didn't work so I usually just get you up and nurse you and you fall back asleep a few minutes later and I lay you back down.  You will then wake up about 3-4 hours later, do the same and go back to sleep.  You then sleep for an hour  or two then you are usually up for the day.  You typically will stay awake in the morning for about 2-3 hours then go down for a nap lasting 1-2 hours then wake up happy as a lark.  You will need to go back down for another nap about 4 hours later and then sleep another hour or two and be up for the rest of the day.  We have tried putting you to bed a little earlier (and when we were consistent you were sleeping better) but since our trip to TX I think I have your sleep schedule all sorts of messed up ha.  Some nights you are in bed at 8:30 and some nights you fight sleep until midnight... it just depends.  We also have gotten out of the habit of a bed time routine (minus me nursing you laying down in the dark with your bunny and sound machine).  When you wake up you are SO happy, cooing and squeaking and just smiiiiling so big when I get you up :)

you are wearing everything from 0-3 months to 6 months.  You fit really well in most of your 3months but some of them are getting a little snug.  Some 6 month things fit you perfectly and some 3-6 month things are HUGE on you.  
Your one piece swim suit you wore at the beach was a 9 month and fit you great, your sleepers with feet are 3-6 and still are quite big on you but you have outgrown the 3 month with feet for about a month now.  You have so many cute summer dresses we are just putting you in everything to make sure you get to wear them :)

Favorite Moments:
Spending time with Auntie "Bub's" and going to the beach with you and letting you REALLY play in the sand and water.  We have had so much fun with you these past couple of weeks- you are literally growing and changing every moment these past weeks!! I can NOT believe how many huge milestones you have reached just in a matter of days! 

Most Challenging:
 That pesky rash I spoke of and some some nights sleep.  A couple of the nights we were at the beach you stayed up until midnight and even then fought sleep sooo bad.  Some nights are better than others. 

Looking Forward to:
My stepdad's side of the family does a family reunion every 2-3 years at a different place.  This year we are going to Gatlinburg, TN and I am soo excited.  Since the last family reunion there are FOUR new family members (both my cousin Shay and I are married now and BOTH of us have sweet little girls who have never met!) I can not wait to see everyone and introduce Raleigh Grace to all of the rest of my family next weekend!!

Mommy Moments:
Mommy, Daddy and Bubs went to the Coke-a-Cola 600 and left you with Grandma and Pop and Auntie A.J (Audrey).  We had a blast and you did too!! This is when you first started "kissing" :)

and yall seriously need to follow me on instagram... that is where nearly ALL of my photos are these days (I love my new phone, thanks hubs!) :) 

Since this is already sooo late I'm going to go ahead and post with minimal pics... so sorry! 

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