Monday, June 4, 2012

Raleigh Grace's First TOOTH!!!

As of YESTERDAY, June 3, 2012, Miss Raleigh Grace has a TOOTH! Her first little tooth.  

I first noticed that sweet little tooth just under the surface Saturday (the 2nd) and then yesterday morning when she woke up my sister, Elizabeth, was playing with her and said..."I think I feel a tooth!"  I didn't believe her but sure enough after persuading miss RG to open up and let me feel on her gums, I too felt it! 

I had no idea how soon this would happen (stop reading if your child had a terrible time teething). For several months Raleigh Grace has been chewing chewing chewing and the past few days she has been drooling a little more than normal but nothing else out of the ordinary. 

I can not believe that my little 7 1/2 month old (how is that even possible!?) has a precious little tooth!?  Guess its time to cut all the soda's and sweets and break out the toothbrush! I kid I kid... well sorta ;) ha! 

Here is the best shot we have of it so far :) 
(sorry for the quality-- its a screenshot of a video off my sisters phone) 



  1. Awww I always adore that first little tooth popping through!


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