Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Top 2 Tuesday... Blogging

Top 2 Things You Have Learned About Blogging...

1) Is commenting easy? 
I have learned that I have gotten more comments once I took the word verification off my blog... and now that I took it off I can't stand them lol :) I have had no problems with spam on my comments this far and I pray it stays that way :) 

Lets be honest... who really ENJOY'S seeing this??:

2) Layouts
Really matter to me.  I can not stand one that is all cluttered and looks like a huge mess... I admit mine is cheap free but its simple and until I can figure out something different it will have to work.  I also love it when my favorites have lots of links and a personal button on their blog (sorry I just combined like three things in number 2. oops. a.d.d. much? ha!)

so there yah have it!! happy blogging haha 

ps I LOVE GIVEAWAYS :) just saying...I WON THIS!!! YAAAY!! 
check out Sarah at We're Just Like You only Prettier! :) THANKS SO MUCH GIRL! :)

pps ... another snow day tomorrow? prayin so!


  1. ahhh i hate when i have to fill out the word verification.. because 9 times out 10 i don't do it right and have to fill the thing out 247289475 times haha! congrats again girl can't wait to send this to you!! :)

  2. LAYOUT is so so sooo important.
    I have come to realize, not just in the blogging world, but web based business as well, that if the site is easy for EVERYONE to use, understand, operate, and navigate with use etc. It makes people want to continue to use the company.
    Blogs layout is something that I DEFINITELY notice!!



  3. Ya know what is funny?? I had no clue that the verification was on my blog until recently. I guess it's a default status. Anyway... Just took it off so I am hoping to see you again. ;)

    Supa cute winning, girl.

  4. I just took the word verification off my blog this week because of reading it someplace else. I can always put it back on if I get spammed or rude mail.

    layout is important to me too. I like lots if white space no matter what I am reading.


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